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  • Open Date: 06.11.22, 10:03
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Ticket #23913 - Edit Subcategories

We used Theme Settings - Category Page Template - Edit Subcategories to make the categories appear as images at the top of the page.
But there was one problem - in the Edit Subcategories settings, we can set only ONE category for ALL pages of the site. And of course we need different categories or subcategories for different pages of the site. We tried in auto settings - but that doesn’t work either. Perhaps there is some kind of mistake - because if we sell shoes and dresses for example - we cannot display only dresses on all pages, even where there are shoes.
We have the following task: on different pages of the site in Theme Settings - Category Page Template - Edit Subcategories, different categories should be displayed. Please tell us how can we do this?


Fred 06 Nov 2022, 19:28

You have to select “auto” here - https://take.ms/4GIdK

Alex 06 Nov 2022, 20:07

I apologize
Maybe you didn’t read the question carefully. We tried to set the “auto” function initially - this function does NOT work for us. That is why this request came to you. I also want to add that you have access to the site via FTP, so you can check it yourself. Right now, we set it as you did and indicated “auto” and you can make sure that the pictures are gone altogether.

Fred 06 Nov 2022, 20:33

Yes, looks like that.
Now it seems to be fixed https://take.ms/FnqeS

Alex 06 Nov 2022, 20:58

Now it works, thanks

Fred 06 Nov 2022, 21:24