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  • Open Date: 06.11.22, 10:12
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Ticket #23914 - Product Variations

On the product page, we use the Product Variations block.
We noticed that about three weeks ago it began to work incorrectly. When a client changes or looks at the options on the site - they are not displayed - there is no visualization. ( in fact the customer does not see therefore the correct price of the product variant )
But the correct option and price gets into the basket.
How can we fix this? It is very important that the customer sees the correct price of the goods before buying.


Fred 06 Nov 2022, 20:35

But it worked fine earlier, right? So please remind what did you do before the issue is happened

Alex 06 Nov 2022, 20:55

Initially, when they made the Product Variations block - yes, everything worked. We did not do anything, only edited our products (adding and editing products on the site).
Drawn attention to the problem by accident. Because there is no problem in quick view.
And the problem is that the price doesn’t change when the customer changes the variation.
If the product ends up in the cart, then there is a product with the correct price for any variation.
The problem is only in the visualization of the price depending on the combination on the product page.

Fred 07 Nov 2022, 22:32

I see you have built your product page using CE. Try to enable “native” product page and check out the issue

Alex 08 Nov 2022, 16:12

I do not quite understand why we need to check the “native” option - this option does not suit us for many reasons.
We checked the “native” option - it doesn’t work either.
The “native” option did not suit us initially - firstly, because it lacks the settings for each of the built-in modules separately.
We even tested your “Product Buy Block” separately and it doesn’t work either.
The option that we use on the site suits us both in design and functionality, and, if possible, individual settings for each element.
We’d just like to fix the issue so that changing “Product Variations” also changes the price of the product.
We left both our “Product Variations” option and the “Product Buy Block” option enabled for now.
Both options do not work and “Native” does not work either.

Fred 08 Nov 2022, 17:25

I see the following system JS erros in your website https://take.ms/maan9.

From my experience some or third party module cause this problem. You need to disable recently installed modules one by one and see when those errors will disappear.
There is no such errors in the theme and you can see the in our demo, or install the theme locally to see that

Alex 25 Dec 2022, 17:11

The issue with product variations has not been resolved.
We, on your advice, have tested and disabled ALL third-party modules in order to avoid or solve the problem.
We initially took product options from Creative Elements as a basis - only because it has the ability to edit all fields.
Your product “buy block” is not editable in elementor at all.
The problem is that neither your product buy block nor product variations work on any device.
The client cannot choose the size of the product and see the price corresponding to it - therefore, he cannot buy it.
(By the way, if you put a product with an incorrect price in the cart, then for some reason it is in the cart with the correct price)
We disabled or removed ALL third-party modules and left TWO options on the product page -product buy block and product variations
Product variations suits us by design. But neither option works.
Do something to solve this very important problem for us - so that either your version or elementor version will work.

Fred 26 Dec 2022, 20:59

As I can see you are using Pro version of CE and the widget that you reporting the issue is a part of that Pro module.
Have you tried to apply to CE module support? They know their module much better then me

Alex 27 Dec 2022, 08:43

Let’s try again to test and resolve the issue ourselves with pro version


Fred 27 Dec 2022, 14:46

ok, let me know if you will need any further assistance