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  • Open Date: 09.11.22, 14:30
  • Opened by: Lateliers Ma
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Ticket #23922 - Unable to save creative elements template


I am unable to save creative elements template that I created for my website. Everything was working fine in the past.

Best regards.


Fred 09 Nov 2022, 16:52

Hi, Lateliers Ma.
Please remind what did you do before the issue happened.
If it worked fine before it means that everything is ok with code

Lateliers Ma 10 Nov 2022, 10:09

Hello Fred,

I never modify any files on my own, so I dont understand the root cause of that issue.
Please check if you have any idea.

Thanks in advance.

Fred 10 Nov 2022, 17:32

I just saved a template with no problem - https://take.ms/NPYrc

What template can’t you save?

Lateliers Ma 14 Nov 2022, 09:34

Hello Fred,

I am unable to save lateliers-footer that I currently use.

Best regards.

Fred 14 Nov 2022, 19:19

Something wrong with this text - https://take.ms/wvqnh. I just removed “france” and now Save works fine

Lateliers Ma 15 Nov 2022, 09:20

Oh ok. Thank you very much.

Fred 15 Nov 2022, 10:18

You are welcome!