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  • Open Date: 12.11.22, 17:03
  • Opened by: Rizak
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Ticket #23930 - Automatic H2 Title on Mobile Version


I would like to know how to remove/not display the automatic title of the mobile version on cms page?
See attached file pleased.
Thank you


H2-Title.JPG (1.26 MiB)


Fred 12 Nov 2022, 17:34

Hi, Rizak.
Try to adjust it for mobile screens, like this https://monosnap.com/file/yUKpkDhrcYK1oIfQMJqtWVcVoZ9CiD

Rizak 13 Nov 2022, 00:04

Ok, which tamplate is used for cms page then??

Fred 13 Nov 2022, 09:25

Sorry, I missed that’s about AMP.
Try following CSS fix:

.page-cms h2 {font-size:150%;line-height:150%}
Rizak 14 Nov 2022, 09:59

Hello Fred,

I want to NOT DISPLAY the automatic H2 on mobile version.
Your css code won’t do that … Thank you for your reply

Fred 14 Nov 2022, 18:40

Try this

@media (max-width:800px){
  .page-cms h2 {display:none}
Rizak 15 Nov 2022, 11:30

This will not display all the H2 of the page. (Tested)
I would like to not display only the automatic ones, thoses generated by the template.
Thank you for your reply

Fred 15 Nov 2022, 21:13

I don’t understand what automatic means.
We recommend to use Developer Tools of your browser to change such small things https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcFnnxfA70g