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  • Open Date: 15.11.22, 13:45
  • Opened by: glouk7
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Ticket #23939 - Sidebar Cart issue

Another issue we have is that for exampe i add 2-3 products at the cart ok?


1. After refresh the page the cart (at sidebar) is empty
2. If i go to cart preview page, and i refresh the page continusously it shows other times my prodcts (at the right sidebar - cart), other times is empty and other times i see carts from other users..

any idea on this ?


Fred 15 Nov 2022, 19:53

Hi, George.
Please fill out all necessary fields in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/index.php?do=myprofile to access to your Back-office

glouk7 16 Nov 2022, 13:17

Hi again,

Ok i’ve updated the details there.

For example you may add (as guest) some products at the cart and then go at cart preview (or whatever) and start doing some refresh at the page
and each time you refresh open the sidebar cart and check the products ..

you will see that sometimes they disappear and sometimes you see products from another cart of another user (i guess)

Fred 16 Nov 2022, 16:59

Please try now, it should be fixed

glouk7 17 Nov 2022, 09:15

Yes it worked like a charm.

Thanks a lot!

Fred 17 Nov 2022, 10:31

You are welcome!

glouk7 17 Nov 2022, 12:19

Sorry for sending again, it seems that it has the same issue at mobile phones (disabled AMP)

On PCs and Tablets is fine.

Could you please have a look ?

Fred 17 Nov 2022, 18:24

Yes, you are right. Now it should be fixed

glouk7 17 Nov 2022, 18:28

Nice it works fine now as far as i see thanks.

One more issue that i see is that i sometimes i see when i order something others messages in checkout textarea field
Today is see payment details…which are not mine
for example check the screenshot

It is on the step that i choose shipment method


cart.png (63.2 KiB)
Fred 17 Nov 2022, 18:40

That is no a part of the theme, but a part of a payment module.
You can also make a test with Classic prestashop theme to make sure it works in the same way

glouk7 17 Nov 2022, 18:41

ok ok thanks! i will do the checks

if you had any advice on what might be the cause i’d really appreciate it

Fred 17 Nov 2022, 18:42

Need to see into the payment module files, it’s hard to say what’s exactly wrong

glouk7 17 Nov 2022, 18:44

ok ok thanks anyway!

my mind goes to database ids autoincrement values mix up..