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Ticket #23944 - pk_menu

My pk_module not working very well in responsive mode.
First of all, i don’t want to use AMP mobile version, so i want to use the pk_menu module, but when I try to use it on my smartphone, or worse from the chrome responsive simulator, you can see that the click works badly.

In this specific case, if the menu is opened, it is difficult to close it and often, despite clicking on the burger menu, the underlying category opens.

First of all, I would like the whole black bar that goes from the “Menu” text to the burger menu icon to be clickable.


Fred 15 Nov 2022, 21:11

Hi, Calogero Indorato.
I just test it out on my phone and in Chrome simulator everything works as expected.
As for the bar, it works in this way only, if you want to change the behavior you have to customize it.