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  • Open Date: 17.11.22, 17:39
  • Opened by: Alice Thevin
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Ticket #23952 - weebsite structure such as /shop/...


We would like to have our categories and sub-categories inside a /shop/ structure

So basically, right now we do have https://gepmiramas.fr/5-femmes for the category /5-femmes, but we would like to have this product category under a /shop, so it should be www.gepmiramas.fr/shop/5-femmes

(we would need to delete the ID of the category in the url, but first thing first)

We wish it to be like our blog, so www.gepmiramas.fr/blog , well the same for the shop and all the categories after the /shop in the url

I hope it was clear enough…

Thanks in advance,


Fred 17 Nov 2022, 19:06

Hi, Alice.
The theme doesn’t manage URL‘s.
Go to your back office Shop Parameters → Traffic & SEO and change it as you like.
But from our experience that may cause some problems.
Find more information in the official documentation https://docs.prestashop-project.org/v.8-documentation/v/english/user-guide/configuring-shop/shop-parameters/traffic/seo-and-urls

Alice Thevin 18 Nov 2022, 09:39

Ok so to do so, I’d need an additional module?

I thought about this one :


You think that would solve my problem, and also, would it be compatible with the theme??

Thanks in advance,

Fred 18 Nov 2022, 15:15

That’s not about compatibility with the theme. That’s just a question of URLs configuration.
You don’t need additional module for that, you can configure all in the prestashop back office → Shop Parameters → Traffic & SEO

Alice Thevin 18 Nov 2022, 17:08

I already tried and it does not work, I can’t delete the ID number of pages, categories, etc… It says it is necessary to work properly

My wish is also to manage the structure of the websites urls easily, as I said, add a /shop/ for example, etc.

The Trafic & SEO part of the Dashboard is not working for that…

Fred 18 Nov 2022, 17:54

I understand. But that’s not theme’s functionality.
Our support covers questions about the theme, but not about Prestashop configuration.