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  • Open Date: 21.11.22, 13:05
  • Opened by: Santi
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Ticket #23967 - Elementor features blocked


I recently purchased your theme in which you say that the elementor module is included.

But there are certain functions that would be very useful to me and I see that I have blocked, such as custom fonts, theme layout, templates and some blocks of elementor.

Could it be because there is some part of the module that I have misconfigured? Mostly because I am watching the elementor tutorials of the creators to guide me and they use blocks that I can’t use, so I can’t edit it as I would like.

Can you help me to find a solution?



Fred 21 Nov 2022, 18:52

Hi, Santi.
Everything that you can see in our demo was build using the same Elementor version you have, so you can use it with no limit in this regard.
But if you need extra features you can purchase Pro version https://addons.prestashop.com/en/administrative-tools/44064-creative-elements-live-theme-page-builder.html

Santi 21 Nov 2022, 20:46

Hi, thank you.

Yes I think that there are some many thing I can do with elementor in this way. But for example, the shopping cart that appears when you click over the icon, can not be modified in this version I have… and pay another 95$ is excesive for me.

And like this there are other features that are not the same, but I think that I just need time to explore. Because the version I have is the version itself right? I mean the “pro” things about elementor are not unlocked when purchasing the Alysum Theme, right? Probably it was me that I configured wrong the module and I have some featrures pending to unlock.

Thank you very much

Fred 22 Nov 2022, 17:09

Yes, some featured are locked and that’s marketing approach of the module developer.
From our side, we continuously developing new widgets for CE which even PRO version doesn’t has.