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Ticket #24017 - Can't edit category description with Creative Elements

I can edit the category description only when in theme settings / Category Page / category page template is set to “- Default - (Native Theme Lauout).
When its set to – Hook “DisplayCategoryPageBuilder” – I can´t


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Fred 01 Dec 2022, 18:57

Hi, Alejandro Herrera.
I assume you are using Elementor template for category page. Unfortunately in this case there is a limitation to build a description as well, because in this case you have one template inside another one but Elementor doesn’t work in this way

Fred 02 Dec 2022, 00:01

We will try to find workaround, in case of success I’ll let you know

Alejandro Herrera 02 Dec 2022, 17:00

In Theme Settings / Product Page I use – Hook “DisplayProductBuilder” – (as it says: to be able to assign a layout via “Content Anywhere” option of “Creative Elements”) This is for the product page.
Then, when I create a new product I’m able to edit description using Creative elements. So I don’t think is something related to have one template inside another.

Is the same I want to do with categories, but it works for me only in product

Fred 02 Dec 2022, 17:04

Yes you are right :) we also noticed that and that’s why I wrote you above that we will try to find a solution.
Back to you when will have some news

Fred 02 Dec 2022, 18:15

Ok try the following:
- open the file /themes/alysum/templates/layouts/layout-both-columns.tpl
- find the line

{if $controller && $preview_id && $partial_id <= 2}

- replace it with

{if $controller && $preview_id}
Alejandro Herrera 05 Dec 2022, 16:08

Thanks Fred!, that worked fine.

Fred 05 Dec 2022, 16:11

You are welcome!