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Ticket #24030 - AMP

Hello Fred,

The AMP setting does not work, the changes are not made, it does not show any changes and before it showed me the Alysumm page at the end in the mobile, can you please help me, thank you.


Guillermo Gozzo Bisso 05 Dec 2022, 21:22

Hello again,

now is working with the AMP Builder Editor not with the google AMP,


Fred 05 Dec 2022, 23:41

Yes, there was a mess with those builders, because of moving period from one to another. In the latest theme version everything is fixed

Guillermo Gozzo Bisso 09 Dec 2022, 08:19


con la nueva actualización sigue sin funcionar,

no se que problema hay aunque desactive el page builder sigue dando problemas,


Fred 09 Dec 2022, 16:11

Need to clarify. Do you mean this AMP home page builder doesn’t work?

Guillermo Gozzo Bisso 09 Dec 2022, 17:50

tendría que probar después de la actualización al 8.0

a ver si funciona, el problema es la actualización


Guillermo Gozzo Bisso 09 Dec 2022, 19:20

pero me gustaría que funcione los ajustes del AMP,


Fred 09 Dec 2022, 21:17

it should work now, here is our comments https://take.ms/qLbBM

Guillermo Gozzo Bisso 10 Dec 2022, 10:30

Perfect i Will try,

thanks a lot.

Fred 10 Dec 2022, 11:26

You are welcome!

Guillermo Gozzo Bisso 10 Dec 2022, 20:07

Hello Fred,

i can´t configure the whats up for AMP settings, is on but dosen´t show de icon

what can i do ?


Fred 11 Dec 2022, 21:10

Please make sure the time is configured properly here https://take.ms/YONir