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Ticket #24031 - Update 8.0 broke the Home

Hello Fred,

Hello Fred, when I update the theme 8.0 the creative elements it mixed and shows everything messed up, I wanted to fix it but it generates more problems also the products, if you can help me, thank you very much.


Fred 05 Dec 2022, 23:51

I see you had 5.x version before update, right?
Since that version a lot of changes was implemented in the theme.
We recommend to disable Page Builder module and user new Creative Elements (Elementor). Unfortunately you will need to build layouts from scratch, but Elementor is very user friendly and you will be able to do that fast and easy

Guillermo Gozzo Bisso 09 Dec 2022, 08:16

Hola, Fred,

nado hago la actualización del 7.5 al 8.0 el creative elements no funciona bien, aunque lo borre todo y haga el Home nuevo, no funciona bien me muestra las secciones super grandes y no se como solucionarlo,

podrías hacer tu la actualización ?


Fred 09 Dec 2022, 16:19
Guillermo Gozzo Bisso 09 Dec 2022, 17:48

Yes i working becouse i make a backup

Fred 09 Dec 2022, 18:32

But how to see the issue?
Try to update once more and let me know, I’ll try to check that out as soon as possible

Guillermo Gozzo Bisso 09 Dec 2022, 19:19

ok i make a new back up and i Will do, thanks

Guillermo Gozzo Bisso 09 Dec 2022, 19:28


update to 8.0

thanks and please help me when you can.

Fred 09 Dec 2022, 21:08

Please check it out now, it should be ok

Guillermo Gozzo Bisso 10 Dec 2022, 10:31

Thanks a lot

Fred 10 Dec 2022, 11:26

You are welcome!