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  • Open Date: 06.12.22, 10:21
  • Opened by: Lateliers Ma
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Ticket #24034 - Urgent: unserialize(): pkextproduct Error at offset 65535 of 65535 bytes


I have a big problem on my website. See screenshot:
First screen when I connect to back office
Second screen when i connect to the front.

I have modified any files lately. I just created some products.

Best regards.


Fred 06 Dec 2022, 10:44

Hi, Lateliers Ma.
1. Try to reset Promokit Extended Product module.
2. Disable Debug mode

Lateliers Ma 06 Dec 2022, 11:08


Reset failed, but disable debug mode resolved the issue. Thanks !
What is the root cause of that issue ? Any idea ?

Best regards


Fred 06 Dec 2022, 11:17

See the issue first time, need to figure out what’s happened. If you are not using that module, you can completely uninstall it.

Lateliers Ma 06 Dec 2022, 15:46

Ok, I uninstalled the module.

Thanks !


Fred 06 Dec 2022, 17:54

You are welcome!
We will try to figure out what was wrong there