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  • Open Date: 12.12.22, 12:24
  • Opened by: lsiesser
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Ticket #24048 - errore 500

Hi Fred,

I updated the website last week and today I’ve an error 500 on BO and FE. Do you have any idea?

Best regards,


Fred 12 Dec 2022, 12:57

Hi, lsiesser.
As I can see the error caused by this file
it’s a file of some third party module developed by * PrestaShop PS IT Solution
You can try to rename that file to deactivate

lsiesser 12 Dec 2022, 16:57

Hi Fred,

solved restoring some files and after having reinstalled a module.. sincerely I don’t know what is happen, thank you for the support.

Regarding the update, I have some problem:

1. headers CSS.. it works only immediately after a modification, if you refresh the page, the menu looks to not apply it.. see menu prodotti
2. CE.. I’ve updated manually by FTP the folder to have the home working but I don’t find any update menu.. it doesn’t work as expected


Fred 12 Dec 2022, 17:34

1. Should be fixed now. Updated file is /public_html/modules/pk_menu/pk_menu.php
2. As I can see you have updated CE version 2.5.6

lsiesser 12 Dec 2022, 17:49

1. Should be fixed now. Updated file is /public_html/modules/pk_menu/pk_menu.php
I don’t see any differences.. is there something I can do.. here attached you can see how the menu is, and how might be

2. As I can see you have updated CE version 2.5.6
yes, I’ve updated the file folder as you suggested but some you wrote it was necessary to update the database, too

Fred 12 Dec 2022, 18:03

1. The cache is disabled for menu ion widget mode. Try to clear Prestashop cache and check out the issue once more
2. The database update is necessary in case of a problem with module update, as I can see you have everything ok with CE

lsiesser 12 Dec 2022, 18:56

1. I did it more times but I see, always the same.. could you try to refresh the page on your side? I ask this because, every time I modify it on my side, I see it updated but after a refresh it goes back

2. ok, thank you

lsiesser 13 Dec 2022, 12:26

Hi Fred,

did you apply any kind of other modification? The BO don’t load any css for the inner pages


lsiesser 13 Dec 2022, 12:56

the BO looks like this.. see attached
yesterday, after restoring.. it worked correctly..


lsiesser 13 Dec 2022, 15:21

HI Fred,

I restored again the website and I have again the problem you know with the menu css


Fred 13 Dec 2022, 18:18

The issue with menu cache is resolved.
Updated file are:


Make a backup of those files just in case

lsiesser 13 Dec 2022, 18:25

Hi Fred,

thank you.. I do it immediately
Two more thing.. to move from right to left the WA icon on amp.. could you suggest the right way? see attached..
Is it possible to display WA chat, on desktop version, too??

Best regards,


Fred 13 Dec 2022, 18:52

1. Try following CSS to move WA (add it to AMP settings → Customer CSS)
body .pk-chats {left:auto; right:20px}
2. WA is a part of Meta (Facebook) company that’s why you can enable it in the Facebook module

lsiesser 20 Dec 2022, 13:31

Hi Fred,

I’ve a problem with search on desktop on Safari.. if you write anything and then you press enter, the result is the one here attached.

Best regards,


Fred 20 Dec 2022, 16:26

The issue has been fixed. Please test to confirm the change

lsiesser 22 Dec 2022, 18:13

Hi Fred,

is there any problem on the login? I’ve just tried and isn’t possible to log in in the website.. could you kindly try to register and than to place an order?


lsiesser 22 Dec 2022, 18:44

Hi Fred, do you have any kind of idea regarding what could be happened?

Fred 22 Dec 2022, 21:36

I see the issue first time. Do you have some customised/modified code? Maybe some third party modules causes the issue. Try to disable recently installed modules if you have such

lsiesser 22 Dec 2022, 21:42

Hi Fred.. none modules added and neither updated.. the last order was placed on 19th, the only thing updated was P to I have always the same modules form years

Fred 22 Dec 2022, 22:14

back office doesn’t work for me. Can you please update it?

lsiesser 22 Dec 2022, 23:13

Hi Fred, my fault.. no you can log in

Fred 23 Dec 2022, 16:47

I just clear your cache and now able to register. You can see my new account in your back office now

lsiesser 23 Dec 2022, 16:49

Hi Fred, no.. we have restored the website at 19th this morning to remove the last update

Fred 23 Dec 2022, 17:35

ok, how to see the issue?

lsiesser 24 Dec 2022, 16:31

Hi Fred, I try to update in the next days.. now I have a blanc screen in desktop version to face.. if you have any kind of idea regarding what is happening to the website in these days.. please, feel free to share..

lsiesser 24 Dec 2022, 16:53

[24-Dec-2022 15:48:08 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function getWidgetVariables() on boolean in /home/ktsoundi/public_html/modules/pkheaderitems/pkheaderitems.php:313 Stack trace: #0 /home/ktsoundi/public_html/modules/pkheaderitems/pkheaderitems.php(405): Pkheaderitems→getTemplateData() #1 /home/ktsoundi/public_html/classes/Hook.php(1017): Pkheaderitems→renderWidget(’displayMobileHe…‘, Array) #2 /home/ktsoundi/public_html/config/smartyfront.config.inc.php(85): HookCore::coreRenderWidget(Object(Pkheaderitems), ‘displayMobileHe…‘, Array) #3 /home/ktsoundi/public_html/config/smartyfront.config.inc.php(76): {closure}(Object(Pkheaderitems), Array) #4 /home/ktsoundi/public_html/config/smartyfront.config.inc.php(87): withWidget(Array, Object(Closure)) #5 /home/ktsoundi/public_html/classes/Smarty/SmartyLazyRegister.php(83): smartyWidget(Array, Object(Smarty_Internal_Template)) #6 /home/ktsoundi/public_html/var/cache/prod/smarty/compile/alysumlayouts_layout_full_width_tpl/56/cb/e7/56cbe7eecfd6c694dbcac20a7d772c92e2b8920e_2.file.he in /home/ktsoundi/public_html/modules/pkheaderitems/pkheaderitems.php on line 313

Fred 25 Dec 2022, 18:08

Try following temporary fix:
Open the file


find and comment this line

$data['pkcart'] = $mInstance->getWidgetVariables('', []);
lsiesser 27 Dec 2022, 09:47

Hi Fred, which are the right steps to install the premium version of CE? After install, is there any other thing to do??

Fred 27 Dec 2022, 14:44

it should work very easy, upload your pro module version, then go to Modules, find CE and click upgrade.

lsiesser 27 Dec 2022, 17:23

Hi Fred, it look I’ve all possible problem with theme.. any suggestion?


Fred 27 Dec 2022, 17:55

Have you tried to clear cache?