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  • Open Date: 12.12.22, 12:34
  • Opened by: Eric Notarianni
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Ticket #24049 - little search problem

hello Fred a little problem stay in search

the correction that you have done before is good

but if a customer is connected and search for a product that we have forbidden the display of the price , the display of the price is displayed by the search

exemple for this product NVR4208-8P-4KS2 , in the definition of the product in the option we have not activated the price of the product

when you go to the search bar and search for NVR4208-8P-4KS2 the price is displayed

thanks to see that please


Fred 12 Dec 2022, 18:32

I suspect the problem lies on PrestaShop side.
The search we are using make requests to PrestaShop search controller and after response we just show the result.
To figure that out precisely I suggest to switch to classic PrestaShop theme and see how search works there

Eric Notarianni 13 Dec 2022, 11:31


Precedently you have made an update , the prices were displayed when a user was disconnected , because we don’t display prices to users that are not connected.
this update was good, can you just add to this that you display the prices when a user is connected and that the price of the product is activated ?
i think it is in the same part of the program, can you see for that please, thanks

Fred 13 Dec 2022, 18:46

I don’t know what’s happened, I just clear PrestaShop cache now the home page is broken.
Don’t you have enabled some extra cache?
Another question is about update, don’t you plan to update theme to the latest version?

Eric Notarianni 13 Dec 2022, 21:54

no we have not some extra cache, for the moment we don’t want to update theme to the latest version because we have done a test and this don’t work, big problem our first page is down now

Eric Notarianni 13 Dec 2022, 22:01

but if the things were good , we will be interested to update to the new theme version but this don’t work, some days ago we have tested some days ago and it was not good. Now i don’t know why the first page is down , it seems that you have updated something

Fred 13 Dec 2022, 22:03

Trying to figure out what’s happened.
As for the update there is one thing that should be also done manually is the Creative Elements module update.
If you will decide to do that once more, I’ll try to help you to do that as soon as possible.

Fred 13 Dec 2022, 22:06

Ok, home page is ok now

Eric Notarianni 13 Dec 2022, 22:10

now the page is good

Eric Notarianni 13 Dec 2022, 22:15

we have install a copy of the website on an internal server, and we can test the new version of your theme on it,
tomorrow i contact you to know how to do this manually, ok Fred ?

Eric Notarianni 13 Dec 2022, 22:19

Actually also same problem for the display of the prices

Eric Notarianni 14 Dec 2022, 11:12

FRED WE HAVE A LOCAL SERVER where the website is also installed , a copy of the actual website, can you explain to me the things to do to install the new version, of this local server and how to correct the main page with the new creative elements module, as you have seen my main page is done with enregistred models of the smart home, smart header , smart footer and so on.
please let me know the steps that i must do to update to the new theme, thanks

Fred 14 Dec 2022, 16:18

The update is pretty simple using Theme Settings → Update option.
But there is one more thing in your case (because you have old CE module version). You need to update Creative Elements manually. CE is not included in the update package to avoid file overrides when a customer has “Pro” module version.

You can find “creativeelements” module in the theme’s package downloaded from theme forest.
You just need to copy all module files to your PrestaShop, then go to back office and click “upgrade” button for that module.

Eric Notarianni 19 Dec 2022, 12:29

hello fred to be sure
can you send me the files of the creativeelements and describe the process to put these files in our prestashop (directories)

Fred 19 Dec 2022, 12:50

you can download it from themeforest a find in /dependencies/modules folder
Then just upload it to “modules” folder on your server
Then go to modules in your back office, find creative elements and click Upgrade

Eric Notarianni 19 Dec 2022, 15:50

hello fred when i try to update the theme message No available updates right now
we are in 7.3

Eric Notarianni 19 Dec 2022, 16:37

I see that in our real website this update is possible and propose version 8.0 but on our copy local of the website i can’t update message
No available updates right now

Fred 19 Dec 2022, 20:34

Looks like something blocking it on your side.
You can try manual update, see video tutorial in the documentation

Eric Notarianni 20 Dec 2022, 13:13

Hello Fred
it is ok now i have updated the website in local in v8 just
but all the display is like you have test before, i have not put for the moment the files of creativelements
i see also that i have not the images of the categories now, the display of the revolution slider is very very big and also i see that many updates that we have done before are out.
now what can i do , please about creativeelements to do it simply

Fred 20 Dec 2022, 13:54

It’s hard to say, need access to the website to see what’s wrong

Eric Notarianni 20 Dec 2022, 14:33

the problem is that this website is in local, and i can’t give you access. i precise that i have done nothing for creative elaments
i have try to update the modules on this theme but same problem
what can i do ?

Fred 20 Dec 2022, 16:08

you don’t need to update Creative Elements, because you didn’t have it in v5. You just need to install it and that’s it

Eric Notarianni 20 Dec 2022, 17:40

after this update it is installed, without nothing to do
i can run it, but all the displays are bad like when you have seen last week when you have try to do, after you have corrected and all was good, what have you done to retablish the main page please

Fred 20 Dec 2022, 17:43

it’s hard to say, I need to see the page to find what’s wrong there

Eric Notarianni 20 Dec 2022, 21:47

hello fred,
is it possible for you to use virtualbox from oracle, i can send to you after the website that you can use with it?
are you ok for that ?

Fred 20 Dec 2022, 22:05

I’m not sure what exactly virtualbox from oracle gives. If that means your website will be available online, that’s ok, then I’ll try to help you.

Eric Notarianni 26 Dec 2022, 16:36

hello fred
i can send you the website and the procedure to install to the virtualbox
i need your email adress for that
please send me privatly or if i can use the one that you have put on our website please let me know

Fred 26 Dec 2022, 21:51

Can’t you just install your website on your hosting and provide me direct access?
It would me much faster for me then trying to install it myself