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  • Open Date: 25.12.22, 17:15
  • Opened by: Alex
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Ticket #24084 - Not work filter on mobile

Filter on mobile and tablet not work and pages too/
On desktop filter works correctly


Fred 26 Dec 2022, 21:48

Hi, Alex.
The issue has been fixed https://take.ms/64PTF

Applied fix is in the Theme Settings → Customer CSS

Alex 27 Dec 2022, 08:36

Yes, Filters are already displayed, but the selected option is not applied.
And you cannot go to the next page. All the time remains the same page, number 1

Fred 27 Dec 2022, 15:23

I just make some tests and figured out the issue is present only on screens > 1024px
I also tested out our demo and localhost and didn’t see such problem there.
Can you please remind maybe you have added some third party JS code for small screens or installed a new module that have such scripts?

Alex 28 Dec 2022, 11:40

We deliberately do not make any changes to the code so as not to break the structure of your template.
The problem with the filter looks like this (please read carefully)
On a mobile device or tablet, the filter opens when you click on it, but if you select any filter item, it does not work. If you do the following - open the filter + apply the filter + reload the page = then the selected filter option is applied.
Page navigation, namely page selection - moving to another page or to the next page - does not work on mobile or tablet at all.
On the desktop version, everything works correctly.
We need everything to work correctly on the mobile version as well.
And on the tablet to work correctly.
So that the client can see all of our 11000+ products, and not 24 products on one page.
So that we can sell goods, and not play around with the template code for half a year.
Please find this problem and fix it - it is very important for us that the site works correctly on ALL devices - especially since the traffic from mobile devices is at least 70%.
We really look forward to your help and a quick resolution of this issue, thank you.

Fred 28 Dec 2022, 18:02

as I can see you added product listing widget twice and that’s the reason. Please remove one

Alex 28 Dec 2022, 20:45

Yes, you are right - removing the duplicate widget partially solved the issue.
We put two widgets because we wanted to get different options on desktop and mobile devices. Obviously this is done differently? For example, if we want to disable the “sort by selector” only on mobile and tablet but leave it on desktop - how do we do that?
And another question - it turns out that widgets can not be duplicated? Can it hurt? We thought to solve a number of problems by duplicating widgets with different settings for the desktop and mobile versions.
We could give examples but your templates are not opening https://alysum5.promokit.eu/beauty/en/ (is this temporary?).

Fred 29 Dec 2022, 10:55

Right now there is no such option in that widget but I can add it for you, if you need.
Duplication is an option of CE module, not ours

Alex 30 Dec 2022, 08:54

Please add option to disable the “sort by selector” only on mobile and tablet but leave it on desktop

Fred 30 Dec 2022, 10:00

Ok, we will try to add such option.
But for now the fastest solution is just to add such CSS code https://take.ms/OfMWi

Alex 14 Jan 2023, 07:57

This code, as I understand it, will disable the visualization on the desktop?
We have a slightly different task))
Sorry, I worded it wrong again.
The task is the following:
1. On desktop, we want to keep 2-3-4
2. On the tablet and mobile - just disable it so that the display is “auto” (which we will set in the widget - for mobile auto = 1, for tablet auto = 2 )

And another question: on mobile and tablet it is not displayed sort by
How to fix it?


desktop.jpg (830.5 KiB)
mobile.jpg (226.6 KiB)
tablet.jpg (448.8 KiB)
Alex 15 Jan 2023, 09:26

CSS code https://take.ms/OfMWi disabled the selector “grade buy” - figured it out, fixed it. We returned the “buy sort” on mobile and tablet. Using this sample, we tried to do the same with the “listing view buttons” - it did not work.
Can you tell me what to prescribe to make it work with “Listing View Buttons”?
And can I add something so that only 2-3-4 are left on the desktop “listing view buttons”?


listing.png (54.7 KiB)
Alex 15 Jan 2023, 09:30

oops - already partly figured out
And can I add something so that only 2-3-4 are left on the desktop “listing view buttons”?

Fred 15 Jan 2023, 20:06

You can hide those buttons using Custom CSS like this

#view_list {display:none}