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Ticket #24090 - I can't add or upgrade any plugin

Not sure why, but I can’t upgrade or add plugins.
Also, creative elements does not work well.


Charles Gaston Dreyfus 27 Dec 2022, 14:21

it could be because licence migration was not done well?
I have an issue with creative elements too.

Fred 27 Dec 2022, 14:40

Hi Charles.
What is the error message you have when trying to upgrade a plugin?
What exactly wrong with creative elements? Can you give me more details?

Charles Gaston Dreyfus 27 Dec 2022, 14:42

when trying to upload, i get : Attempted to load class “ZipArchive” from the global namespace. Did you forget a “use” statement?

[Symfony\Component\Debug\Exception\ClassNotFoundException 0]

and creative elements is working well on previous url even with the switch of licence (I made it for creative elements too) but not on the new url

Fred 27 Dec 2022, 16:10

Looks like ZipArchive extension is not installed on your server. You have to apply to your hosting support and ask to enable/install it