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Ticket #24141 - SKU (reference) number under the product title


In my previous ticked I asked you for help to display SKU under the product title and you did excellent job, except, when I updated theme - I lost those settings.
Can you please help me again with this issue and guide me how to save this settings so that I dont loose them during next theme update.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards!


Fred 12 Jan 2023, 18:22

Hi, Alhemitzar Studio.
Ok, done. Now it works

Alhemitzar Studio 19 Jan 2023, 16:27

Thank you so much.
How can I back it up for the next time? Because I assume that during the next update it will be lost again.

Thank you in advance and sorry for delayed answer.

Alhemitzar Studio 19 Jan 2023, 18:10

Hi again,

I was working on website today and I noticed that SKU Number does show under the product title, but not when the product has variations. As soon as you start changing variations the SKU number disappears ( here is the example : https://keramikasanitarije.rs/baterije-za-lavabo/66-370-rosan-s2-baterije-za-lavabo-u-vise-zavrsnih-obrada-i-visina.html#/114-zavrsna_obrada-hrom/155-visina_slavine-94mm )

Best regards

Fred 19 Jan 2023, 19:21

The issue is fixed. You can find a copy of customised file here

Alhemitzar Studio 31 Jan 2023, 17:26

Thank you very much. It works now.

Fred 31 Jan 2023, 17:34

You are welcome!