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  • Open Date: 16.01.23, 15:07
  • Opened by: Sylvain Duval
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Ticket #24163 - Custom font installation


I followed the tutorial in the Alysum documentation for installing the “Neuropol” font with the ftp (https://alysum5.promokit.eu/promokit/documentation/) and it didn’t work.

It concerns the web site : http://mlv.lokris.ovh/

My theme.css :


@font-face {

  font-family: 'neuropolregular';
  src: url('ftp://userw0129@lokris.net/themes/alysum/assets/fonts/neuropol.eot');
  src: url('neuropol.eot?#iefix') format('embedded-opentype'),
       url('ftp://userw0129@lokris.net/themes/alysum/assets/fonts/neuropol.woff2') format('woff2'),
       url('ftp://userw0129@lokris.net/themes/alysum/assets/fonts/neuropol.woff') format('woff'),
       url('ftp://userw0129@lokris.net/themes/alysum/assets/fonts/neuropol.svg#neuropolregular') format('svg');
  font-weight: normal;
  font-style: normal;


Could you take a look and tell me what is blocking it?



Fred 16 Jan 2023, 17:39

Hi, Sylvain.
As I can see the path to font files is wrong. Browser is not able to open ftp links.
Please try to change the path exactly as described in the documentation

Sylvain Duval 17 Jan 2023, 12:00

Hi, Fred.

I changed the path exactly as described in the documentation and I have completed the following steps but I still do not have access to my font in the back office.

My theme.css file :
@font-face {

font-family: "neuropol";
src: url("/themes/alysum/assets/fonts/neuropol.eot");
src: url("/themes/alysum/assets/fonts/neuropol.woff") format("woff"),
url("/themes/alysum/assets/fonts/neuropol.otf") format("opentype"),
url("/themes/alysum/assets/fonts/neuropol.svg#filename") format("svg");


Sylvain Duval 17 Jan 2023, 13:16

I have a more urgent request, the website crashed
I followed the tutorial but at this step:
“Now copy that code and paste it to the beginning of the file /themes/alysum/assets/css/theme.css” I think I broke the “theme.css” file, now my site display is buggy. Do you have a backup of the Alysum theme.css file in version v.8.0.0 ?

Sylvain Duval 17 Jan 2023, 14:10

I made a mistake, this is not v8.0.0.Here is the version:
Theme “Alysum” v.5.6.0
Theme Settings v.2.0.2

Fred 17 Jan 2023, 17:21

Hi, Sylvain.
See attached theme.css file for v.5.6.0


theme.css (209.6 KiB)
Sylvain Duval 17 Jan 2023, 18:05

I guess something else is broken because it is still broken.

Could you please check again on http://mlv.lokris.ovh/ because I tried to follow your documentation again, but I still can’t choose Neuropol font ?

Fred 17 Jan 2023, 18:07

It looks like fine for me https://take.ms/OTZiy

Fred 17 Jan 2023, 18:09

and font is also available in the list https://take.ms/ZO95n

Sylvain Duval 17 Jan 2023, 18:18

I went to theme settings, general tab, heading font section and I selected neuropol font, then I cleared my caches.
The theme settings had no impact on the fonts in my front office.
I then went to the home page in the creative front builder but neuropol does not appear in the custom settings.

Fred 17 Jan 2023, 19:21

Do you use some third party cache service?
There is no fond added in the file http://mlv.lokris.ovh/themes/alysum/assets/css/theme.css, but I see it if I open the file via FTP

Sylvain Duval 18 Jan 2023, 16:42

I asked my host to clear cache but it still doesn’t work

Could you have a look at it please ?

Fred 18 Jan 2023, 16:57

as I can see now, the font is added to the file http://mlv.lokris.ovh/themes/alysum/assets/css/theme.css

Sylvain Duval 18 Jan 2023, 17:24

Yes but I can’t choose it on my pages default fonts, it is “not found”.
See screenshot

Fred 18 Jan 2023, 17:27

If you want to have it in Creative Elements, add the font name to the file

Sylvain Duval 18 Jan 2023, 17:32

what do have I to write exactly ? ‘Zilla Slab’ ⇒ self::GOOGLE,
‘Neuropol’ ⇒ self::???

Fred 18 Jan 2023, 17:33

I have no idea, see that file first time. Try to experiment
That’s not our module, as you know

Sylvain Duval 19 Jan 2023, 11:47

Ok I’ve done it.

Fred 19 Jan 2023, 11:58

You are welcome!
Does it works with “self::GOOGLE” or there is another string for local fonts?

Sylvain Duval 19 Jan 2023, 12:01

I didn’t try, I’ve created a self::LOCAL

Fred 19 Jan 2023, 12:30