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  • Open Date: 20.01.23, 05:43
  • Opened by: Benjamin Teo
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Ticket #24187 - Faceted Search - Price Slider Won't Work (XAMPP)

Alysum Version 8.1.0

Hi, I’m using XAMPP running apache, php version 7.4.29, url_fopen (yes), pretty much all recommended settings are on.

The filter works when you use it with categories, but just not with price slider.

When I try to use the price slider in chrome the error just says

GET http://localhost/dsmigrate/giftware?q=Price-%24-54-60&from-xhr 500 (Internal Server Error)

But if I go to the url
1) http://localhost/dsmigrate/giftware?q=Price-%24-54-60&from-xhr (DOES NOT LOAD)
2) http://localhost/dsmigrate/giftware?q=Price-%24-54-60 (loads without from-xhr)

How do I fix this issue?

Attached is the error from chrome


error.png (76.5 KiB)


Fred 20 Jan 2023, 07:53

Hi, Benjamin Teo.
1. Faceted Search is a native Prestashop module, and I’m not sure we will be able to fix an internal error of that module.
2. Faceted Search module usually works fine and you can see that in our demo https://alysum.promokit.eu/en/13-coats?q=Price-%24-16-230

3. Unfortunately that’s really hard to advise you something when you work on localhost. Do you have an option to upload your website to a hosting to let us see the error messages?

Benjamin Teo 25 Jan 2023, 06:50

Thanks for the reply I found that the module PRetty URL was causing issues with the search filters.

Fred 25 Jan 2023, 09:11

Yes, that’s pretty often when changing urls make such problems