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  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Fred
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  • Open Date: 20.01.23, 14:22
  • Opened by: Thomas Ullrich
  • Closed by: Anonymous Submitter
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  • Reason: Not a bug

Ticket #24192 - Homepage Layout ist gone

I have a very strange effect: our homepage looks messy on a PC, as all pics are shown under each other, heavily upsized. Seems like there is a bug in CE as in my backend it looks normal. See attached screeenshots.

I wanted to change the chosen homepage template and use another template - and this is not possible as well. In my dropdown list I cannot make another choice, there is only one option ‘Vorgabe’. See screenshot 3.

Please help.


Fred 20 Jan 2023, 21:18

Hi, Thomas.
I don’t see the issue there https://musterheld.net/de/

What widget do you use? and how to see the problem?

Thomas Ullrich 21 Jan 2023, 10:25

Hi Fred, hope you are fine.
Thank you for taking care.

Yes, obviously you cannot see it as I did my best to get around this bug. I cannot show you right now as I would mess up my homepage again. The point is, that if I insert three pictures of 700x700px in a secn with one horizontal gallery (a grid of three columns and 1 row)the frontend displays these three pics not in a horizontal row - it is displayed in 1 coloumn, all pics below each other and sized up to the width of 1600 px. I can only avoid this in inserting a section divided in two parts, like two normal pictures.

However, will show you this problem later, when we have the choice to display different templates. Right now the problem is, that I do not have the choice of tamplates. See Screen 3 in last message. I cannot, let’s say, switch the hompage from template ‘Complex 10’ template to ‘Asylum empty’. Please advise.

If we can switch the templates, I will creat a template showing this problem and you can easily switch it then to have a look and switch back.


Fred 21 Jan 2023, 23:05

Alysum theme doesn’t support Creative Elements Theme Builder. We have our own theme Settings module where you can assign templates for different pages

Thomas Ullrich 03 Feb 2023, 11:52

So how do I come back to the Alysum native Theme builder? I am not getting anywhere now. CE does not open some templates, e.g. I just wanted to work on the category template, but if I open it, it is empty.

Shall I re-install the whole theme? I see there was an update on Jan 25th. Will this work on my prestashop or do I have to wait for final 8.0 before I update?

Fred 03 Feb 2023, 18:06

If you don’t see Theme Settings, just go to Modules, use Search to find it. There you can also enable a link in sidebar, see General tab

Thomas Ullrich 04 Feb 2023, 01:22

Found it. Thank you for your support.
Hope you get those Leo tanks very soon and they will be sufficient and efficient.

Fred 04 Feb 2023, 09:47

Thank you very much too!
That’s really important for us to get heavy weapon