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  • Assigned To: Fred
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  • Open Date: 25.01.23, 08:44
  • Opened by: Vanessa VICTOR
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Ticket #24202 - little buttons add to favorites, compare,... on the pictures of the products on mobile phone


There’s a problem with the 4 little buttons “add to favorites”, “add to compare”,… which are on the picture of each product on mobile phone (on the products list).
They are always visible, and mask the product behind.

Could you fix it?

Thank’s in advance


Fred 25 Jan 2023, 18:30

Hi, Vanessa VICTOR.
As I can see everything is working correctly, see my video https://take.ms/ZXMK8

Vanessa VICTOR 29 Jan 2023, 13:38

All is correct on the computer, not on mobile phones.
Could you help me ?
Thank you

Fred 29 Jan 2023, 19:13

Ok, the issue has been fixed. Buttons are hidden now

Vanessa VICTOR 13 Feb 2023, 15:10

It still doesn’t work on mobile phones.
The 4 icons are not permanently displayed on the small images of the products, but the buttons are there: I can put a product in the basket simply by clicking on the location of the button on the photo.
Can’t we have, as on the desktop version, the buttons that appear on the small images simply by passing the finger over them?


Fred 13 Feb 2023, 17:18

Ok, looks like it works like you want now → https://take.ms/HRy9A

Vanessa VICTOR 15 Feb 2023, 11:17


Thanks for your reply. It appears that it depends on what browser is used on the mobile phone: it doesn’t work with Mozilla Firefox, it’s ok with Samsung browser.
Is there a way to fix it ?

Thanks in advance.


Fred 15 Feb 2023, 17:28

I can’t reproduce that in Firefox, please check out my video https://take.ms/wc6BU9

Vanessa VICTOR 20 Feb 2023, 10:13

Sorry, your video is black… We still have the problem, on different mobile phones :-(

Fred 20 Feb 2023, 20:41

I just check it out and it works for me https://take.ms/bnyDs Try in another browser