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  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Fred
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  • Open Date: 25.01.23, 17:22
  • Opened by: Angelo Perna
  • Closed by: Anonymous Submitter
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  • Reason: Not a bug

Ticket #24209 - Menu widget not customizable

after the update of the Theme, the menu widget is not customizable.
In particular is not possible to modify the weigth of fonts.
Any Idea?

PS.: there’s a way to modify menu button text (visible in mobile version) from “MENU” to another text?


Angelo Perna 25 Jan 2023, 17:37

Hi, I need to ask you another thing..
When the homepage is loading, Products widget shows the first image of first product in full page and after a few seconds all comeback as should.
See the attachement.
Let me Know


Immagine.jpg (272.8 KiB)
Fred 25 Jan 2023, 18:23

Hi, Angelo Perna.
Please fill out all necessary fields in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/myprofile to access to your Back-office and FTP Server

Angelo Perna 26 Jan 2023, 13:42

I update the fields. Let me specify that this is a development clone site.

Fred 26 Jan 2023, 19:18

How to see the issue? Because it looks fine for me https://take.ms/xJtfe

Fred 26 Jan 2023, 19:21

Menu font also works fine for me https://take.ms/EceBe

Angelo Perna 30 Jan 2023, 12:11

Hi, I’m sorry but no, the menu not work as I wish.
See the attachements.


menu1.png (18.6 KiB)
Angelo Perna 30 Jan 2023, 12:12

This is the cofiguration in backoffice..


menu.png (75.7 KiB)
Fred 30 Jan 2023, 17:14

I just changed font size with no problem - https://take.ms/q4VuA

Angelo Perna 30 Jan 2023, 17:23

Hi, in effect I wrote you that the problem didn’t was the size but the weigth of font.
Let me know.

Fred 30 Jan 2023, 18:06

Yes I see now.
You have some CSS code that override font value - https://take.ms/FzHvr I have no idea where it comes from. There is no such issue in our demo or locally installed instance so I assume it’s from some settings.
Try this CSS to set font weight manually

.pk-top-menu > li > a {font-weight:800 !important}