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Ticket #24215 - Settings questions


1. On the category page “category title” in the elementor is displayed “in the center and in one line” (screen 1), but actually on the site for some reason it is “in two lines and on the left” (screen 2).
Please tell me why? And where to fix?

2. We use a rectangular image (10×8 aspect ratio) in “subcategories” on the category page. But the block remains square around the picture (screen 3) and around the “title subcategory” under the picture. As a result, when you hover over the picture, the zoom effect is lost, it is displayed incorrectly (there are ready-made pictures so far only at this link https://art-room.com.ua/modulnye-kartiny/ ). Please tell me where and how to fix it? So that there is no additional square area around the rectangular image? And around the title under the picture too.


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Alex 28 Jan 2023, 10:42

3. The description for the category that we edit with “creative elements” is not displayed on the site.
How to make it visible? (admin panel path: categories-modern paintings-description)

4. In the promokit menu, we used the “image carousel”. But unfortunately the pictures do not always load. They may not open both at the start (when you bring to the menu item for the first time), and during the viewing process (when you look at one item, the pictures are visible there, go to the second item - the pictures disappear).
If you click on the carousel arrow - the pictures appear and are displayed further already correctly. But if you do nothing, it creates a feeling of a page not being loaded or an error. (screen 5)
Also, the picture may appear with a delay (up to 15-20 seconds).
If the picture is already visible, then it does not disappear and subsequent ones are displayed correctly. But if it is not visible, then the subsequent ones either will not appear or will appear after some actions (clicks) on the menu.
Please tell us how can we fix this?


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Fred 29 Jan 2023, 19:07

Hi, Alex.
1. The issue has been fixed. The fix is in the Theme Settings → Customer CSS

2. As I can see your Category images configured as 1000×1000 - https://take.ms/brFGr

Fred 30 Jan 2023, 19:05

3. Try to add description widget to category page
4. I’m not able to reproduce the issue. Tried in all available browsers. From our experience, we do not recommend to use complex elements in the menu, it’s slow down website performance metrics

Alex 07 Feb 2023, 18:39

You have the “image carousel” tool. Unfortunately, we cannot independently figure out how to make a caption under the picture. It is shifting somewhere and we do not understand how to fix it.
I would like to do as it was done in the example with the “image carousel” from Elementor, so that the caption is under the picture and in the center. (screen)
Tell me how to do it?


555.jpg (412.3 KiB)
Fred 07 Feb 2023, 19:28

Where I can see that carousel? Please give me a link

Alex 08 Feb 2023, 08:49

There are two “image carousel” widgets. One from Promokit (on the screen in red) the second from Elementor (on the screen in green). The principles of operation for both widgets are the same, but the settings are different.
We first took the widget from Elementor - but the arrows are not visible in it and there are no settings for the arrows (to make them visible like yours).
Next, we took a widget from Promokit. And they could not set the “caption” as on the Elementor widget. To caption was under the picture and in the center.
In general, we set ourselves a seemingly simple task))
But either they didn’t find the settings (both in yours and in Elementor), or these settings are “buggy”.
I give a link, where both widgets are one after the other on the same page. https://art-room.com.ua/content/vidzhety.html Perhaps we need to add something to the CSS to the Promokit widget so that the caption is located under the image in the center.
And there is another problem with the PromoKit widget. Missing settings for “slides to scroll”. You can’t set different settings for desktop and mobile.
Such settings are in the widget from Elementor. And they are not only useful, but necessary. Especially when you have a lot of categories and on the desktop you need them to scroll through 5 items, and on mobile 2 items. (screen)
Also, the “slide to scroll” settings are missing for the “Products” widget from Promokit. I would love to have such settings in your widgets.


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Fred 08 Feb 2023, 20:24

Everything works fine now https://take.ms/PHsOu

Alex 08 Feb 2023, 21:29

Сaption works, thanks.
But “slide to scroll” does not work ((
On mobile put 1 pc. - scrolls through 4 pieces as on the desktop.


999.jpg (182.5 KiB)
Fred 08 Feb 2023, 21:37

Yes, I forgot to update scripts files here /modules/pkelements/views/js now it should work. Don’t forget about browser’s cache

Alex 13 Feb 2023, 18:09

Hello, new question
On the home page, we see a 20 px padding around the product thumbnail with the color #f9f9f9.
On the category page, the same stroke with 20px 20px 35px 20px padding.
We can’t find the file(s) where this padding can be fixed.
In all places on the site we want to make it 5 pixels.

Fred 14 Feb 2023, 19:53

You can find that code

#category .product-miniature .thumbnail-container {
    padding: 20px 20px 35px 20px;

in the file


But you don’t need to find any files at all. Just write your own css in the Theme Settings → Customer CSS

Alex 20 Feb 2023, 13:23

The image does not flip when hovering over it (Multi-image on Hover). How can this be fixed?

Fred 20 Feb 2023, 21:18

The issue has been fixed. Please test to confirm the change
Updated file is


Keep is as a backup

Alex 21 Feb 2023, 11:18

Thanks, the problem has been fixed. The file was saved as a backup