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Ticket #24219 - Small modification on variation selection


Is there a chance to have a small modification on theme? We would like to have variation selection frame to be thicker (as you can see on the image attached).
Is there a chance for that modification?

Thank you in advance.



Fred 31 Jan 2023, 17:37

Try following CSS to make the border thicker

body .product-variants-item ul li input:checked + span {
    border:3px solid #444 !important
Alhemitzar Studio 31 Jan 2023, 17:42

Can you please guide me in which css file should I add this CSS code? In stores.tpl ?

Thank you in advance.

Fred 31 Jan 2023, 17:44

No need to edit files. Go to Theme Settings module, open Customer CSS tab and paste the code into CSS field

Alhemitzar Studio 31 Jan 2023, 18:15

Found it. Thank you so much. It works perfect!

Fred 31 Jan 2023, 18:15

You are welcome!