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Ticket #24229 - Creative Elements in secondary store

I made a second store, but Creative Elements don’t work in it. Even if I design a template in the primary store and import it from the secondary.


Fred 01 Feb 2023, 20:22

Hi, Alejandro.
What do you mean by “don’t work”?
How can I see the issue?

Alejandro Herrera 08 Feb 2023, 20:36

Hi Fred. The stores are not yet online. Maybe we could connect via teamviewer or something similar?

Fred 08 Feb 2023, 20:53

It’s really hard to debug in this way
Please make sure you have the latest theme version 8.1.2 and Prestashop 8 (or at least 1.7.8)

Alejandro Herrera 08 Feb 2023, 21:30

I’m running prestashop and Alysum version 8.1.2
I can put it in a public ip with an specific port. You’ll need to access the back office of the prestashop, right? or do you have to access the server as well?

Fred 08 Feb 2023, 21:36

yes, back office is enough