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Ticket #24231 - How to disable miniature in post


Is there any solution to disable miniatures in post on blog or how I can control them. I tried to use own css in module but it doesn’t work for me.



Fred 02 Feb 2023, 17:08

Hi, Wojciech.
Please show me on a screenshot what do you want to hide.
As for the CSS, please keep in mind that both Prestashop and your browser has a cache.
So, try to clear Prestashop cache and open the page in Incognito mode

Artur Bogdanowicz 03 Feb 2023, 08:28

I want to hide logo on the left in post. Every time when I making a post, miniature is on the blog page and also in post.


Post.png (618.8 KiB)
Fred 03 Feb 2023, 18:14

I need to clarify. You want to remove these images –> https://take.ms/VUWwJ right?

Artur Bogdanowicz 06 Feb 2023, 09:24

No this is fine. I meant about when you want to read a post, the same thumbnail is in the text and on the main page of the blog.
I want to hide thumbnail in text.

Fred 08 Feb 2023, 22:12

Did you disable Blog module? I can’t find it

Artur Bogdanowicz 13 Feb 2023, 12:07

No I didn’t disable it’s working
Link: https://www.srv49795.seohost.com.pl/pl/blog

Fred 13 Feb 2023, 17:30

Ok, the image is removed https://www.srv49795.seohost.com.pl/pl/blog/blog/korek

Updated file is /public_html/themes/alysum/modules/ph_simpleblog/views/templates/front/1.7single.tpl

Artur Bogdanowicz 14 Feb 2023, 15:16

Thank you

Fred 14 Feb 2023, 18:07

You are welcome!