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  • Open Date: 09.02.23, 08:39
  • Opened by: Alex

Ticket #24257 - server error 500

Faced a big problem while working in Elementor.
When editing in Elementor after any changes (any changes, does not depend on the widget or page in which we are working), after the “save” action, it issues “server error 500”.
After that, it is impossible to do something in Elementor (widgets are opened and applied - but it is impossible to save - constantly “server eror 500”).
The solution to the problem is only a backup. And of course, all the developments made in the process are lost.
We contacted the host provider for clarification of the issue.
The hosting gave the answer: error ([09-Feb-2023 09:21:09 Europe/Kiev] PHP Warning: Declaration of Link::getProductLink($product, $alias = NULL, $category = NULL, $ean13 = NULL, $ idLang = NULL, $idShop = NULL, $ipa = 0, $force_routes = false, $relativeProtocol = false, $addAnchor = false, $extraParams = Array) should be compatible with LinkCore::getProductLink($product, $alias = NULL , $category = NULL, $ean13 = NULL, $idLang = NULL, $idShop = NULL, $idProductAttribute = NULL, $force_routes = false, $relativeProtocol = false, $withIdInAnchor = false, $extraParams = Array, bool $addAnchor = true) in /home/decoryou/public_html/override/classes/Link.php on line 89).
And advised to contact the developer.
The admin panel is currently unavailable. The site is available.
Previously (before updating the template), we did not encounter such errors.
Tell me what’s the problem? And how can we solve it? And how can we avoid this problem in the future?


Fred 09 Feb 2023, 19:49

Please read carefully the error message.
There is a reference to a file /home/decoryou/public_html/override/classes/Link.php
As you can see it’s located in “override” folder
That folder using by other modules to override prestashop files, in this case it overrides Link class.
That’s not our file so I assume one of your module put it there

Alex 09 Feb 2023, 19:58

Sorry, I don’t quite understand the answer.
Tell me why this problem arose when working in the elementor?
When we work with files, goods, new products, etc. - this problem does not arise. In elementor, when saving changes, it can write right next to the “save” button - “server eror 500”. Previously, we have already encountered this error, but then it was possible to make a return to the backup, without much loss.
Today we were specifically waiting for your answer just to understand the cause of the problem. Because we simply do not understand its origin. How does this relate specifically to working in an elementor? Why does a “server 500” occur when saving, and this can lead to such serious failures?

Fred 09 Feb 2023, 20:00

The file that caused the problem is not ours. I can’t help you with the issue caused by a code of someone else.
That’s not our problem, sorry, and thank you for understanding

Alex 09 Feb 2023, 20:24

You helped us solve one problem yesterday ( Ticket #24215 - Settings questions - “image carousel” tool ). Unfortunately, file recovery removed all your edits on the subject. May we ask you to restore your amendments that you made yesterday on this matter?

Fred 09 Feb 2023, 22:18

Ok, here is the files list:
- Put .js file into /modules/pkelements/views/js/
- Put .php file into /modules/pkelements/classes/


scripts.js (20.6 KiB)
Alex 10 Feb 2023, 10:22

Сaption works, thanks.
But “slide to scroll” does not work ((
Replaced the files you specified. Do you need something else to make “slide to scroll” work?

Fred 10 Feb 2023, 20:03

One more file has to be updated (already is)

Alex 13 Feb 2023, 17:32

Obviously some file still needs to be amended.
I put 4 on the desktop, 2 on the tablet, 1 on the mobile. But everywhere it scrolls 4 anyway.( https://art-room.com.ua/content/vidzhety.html )
Previously, you wrote “Yes, I forgot to update scripts files here /modules/pkelements/views/js now it should work.”. Maybe this is the question?

Fred 13 Feb 2023, 23:14

Fixed once more → https://take.ms/F8dsA

Updated file is /modules/pkelements/src/WidgetHelper.php
Please keep a backup of all those files