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Ticket #24261 - The PK elemets are not working


Some of the PK elements are not working after update.

if i try to reset the promokitwidges module it comes back with an error that not all the hooks are installed.

can you please have a look.



Fabian Draaijers 10 Feb 2023, 09:54

This is on the Bijdesi website

Fred 10 Feb 2023, 20:06

Hi, Fabian.
Please let me know what widgets doesn’t work
As for the reset issue, that’s known Prestashop issue. Here is the solution https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfEpLikS4W4

But I’m not sure the reset is necessary

Fabian Draaijers 11 Feb 2023, 20:05

Hi Fred, I did the reset but it dit not help.

The header items widget is not working.
I can select is but is sais Make sure the “Header Items” module is installed

so i thougt a reset would work, but no.

can you please have a look.

thanks Fabian

Fred 11 Feb 2023, 20:43

There is no more Header Items module in the latest theme version. Use other header widgets instead.
If you will need assistance, just let me know

Fabian Draaijers 12 Feb 2023, 13:50

Ok, I will do that.

the module is still used in the templates delivred with the theme so that why I thout it was not working.

If I need help I wil contact you again.

Thanks Fabian

Fred 12 Feb 2023, 18:54

Yes, if you have old templates you still have a reference to header items module. In the new templates there is no more Header Items

Fabian Draaijers 25 Feb 2023, 10:56


I think that the upgrade to the latest template did not completely work.

The new templates are not complete and its still using the old templates.

Were can I find the new templates?



Fred 25 Feb 2023, 12:54

You can find all templates in this folder /modules/pkelements/src/Install/templates/

Fabian Draaijers 25 Feb 2023, 16:18

Sorry fred

Im bothering you again.

ive updated the templates an allso installed the latest template update.
only now I get the “template could not be loaded “error in crazy elements.

allso the webpage stays blank when I load it.

can you please have a look?

Fred 25 Feb 2023, 20:57

How did you update the templates?
Try to import a template manually in your back office

Fabian Draaijers 26 Feb 2023, 01:46

That is what I did.

Fred 26 Feb 2023, 10:12

Ok, please give me more details and I’ll try to do that for you.
What templates do you want to upload?
Which website I have to check? (you have two)

Fabian Draaijers 26 Feb 2023, 13:23


Is on the bijdesi site

I got is working again.
I restored to an earlier point.

At that point the site was working only the theme used the old templates.
I removed the old templates and loaded the new ones.
Then it was working ok.

the problem i think is coming i think from the crazy elements I use, I have a license for the origional addon to.
If I try to use a PK element in a template made with CE I promps me to change settings and if I accept, all stops working.

The only problem I have now, if I use the Ce button in the PK theme settings to edit the default native theme layout I get a blank page.

I dit not update the theme to the 8.1.3 version this time, Im stil running 8.1.2

Fred 28 Feb 2023, 21:56

Here is the fixed file
Upload it to /modules/pkthemesettings/src/Core/


Fabian Draaijers 09 Apr 2023, 20:41

Hi Fred,

i have some problems with the brands PK elements.
the carosel does not work, it works in Grid mode.

because of some other problems i rebiuld the website and updated to PS8 but this problem stayed.
i had it allso in PS1.7.8

can you please have a look


Fred 10 Apr 2023, 10:54

Hi, Fabian.
As I can see you have two websites, which one I have to check?

Fabian Draaijers 10 Apr 2023, 11:21

Its the bijdesi.nl site

Fred 11 Apr 2023, 19:34

I see only blank page there https://take.ms/NuhX5

Fabian Draaijers 11 Apr 2023, 20:01

sorry because of the upgrade to PS18 the login changed.
i updated the website details.

Fred 12 Apr 2023, 21:55

I see you have Creative Elements Pro and it seems slider script was updated there and not compatible with our widgets.
We can try to contact module developers to report the issue.
You can ask try to use their native widgets instead