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  • Open Date: 15.02.23, 00:15
  • Opened by: Daniel Wajda
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Ticket #24278 - Icon on product

Hi, how can I hide the icons that appear when hovering over a product? or how can i leave only the heart icon visible all the time right next to the label? and how can I round elements on the homepage like banner or products? it’s about corners, buttons, etc.


tete.png (99.6 KiB)


Fred 15 Feb 2023, 18:40

Hi, Daniel.
1. “Heart” icon is the Favorites module. So just disable it
2. “Quick View” button can be disabled in the Theme Settings → Product Miniature
3. “Compare” button can be removed by disabling Compare module

Daniel Wajda 06 Apr 2023, 16:02


How to enable the display of 3 icons when hovering the mouse over a product? until what does not work - and everything is turned on..

Fred 06 Apr 2023, 19:34

Try to enable those buttons here https://take.ms/BI924

Daniel Wajda 07 Apr 2023, 17:17

It’s not working, please check what’s wrong.

Fred 07 Apr 2023, 18:54

have you modified theme’s files?
I don’t have access to your server through FTP to check that out

Daniel Wajda 07 Apr 2023, 19:31

It’s not working, please check what’s wrong.

Daniel Wajda 07 Apr 2023, 19:32

sorry, s53.mydevil.net

Fred 07 Apr 2023, 20:06

Someone added this line to the theme’s CSShttps://take.ms/mIISi

Now it’s fixed

Daniel Wajda 07 Apr 2023, 22:47

Thank you very much

Fred 07 Apr 2023, 22:47

You are welcome!