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  • Theme: Alysum
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  • Open Date: 23.02.23, 17:39
  • Opened by: Angelo Perna
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Ticket #24322 - Price update

1. I would like that the price, in product page, update in case the customer use quantity up/down buttons. (see the attachement)
2. In product page, we use “multi accessories addon” that update the total product price when the customer add one or more than one accessories. I don’t know why do not works… Total Price do not update.. (see the attachement)
3. How I can display breadcrum in mobile version?

Let me know


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Fred 23 Feb 2023, 18:24

Hi, Angelo.
Please give me a link to a product that I can test

Fred 23 Feb 2023, 18:41

So if I choose 2 items the price should be reduced?
How did you configured that?

Angelo Perna 23 Feb 2023, 18:46

No, the addon is configured that the customer can add accessories. The price can not reduce.

Fred 23 Feb 2023, 19:36

But you wrote “1. I would like that the price, in product page, update in case the customer use quantity up/down buttons”. I’m confused.
Where is the problem?

Angelo Perna 23 Feb 2023, 20:14

1. Usually if the product price is 100€, if the customer adding 1 more item by quantity up button, total price change in 200€. This change on Alysum does not happen, why?

Fred 23 Feb 2023, 21:57

Is that implemented with some third-party module?
If so, have you tried to reset it?

Angelo Perna 24 Feb 2023, 09:43

Hi, Yes it’s third-party module. I tried to reset it, but do not works.

Fred 24 Feb 2023, 19:03

Does it work with Classic theme? Have you tried to test it?

Angelo Perna 01 Mar 2023, 16:03

Yes, works in classic theme and now work in your theme also, if I add accessories the price is updated.
Currently when I add to cart product and accessories, cart shown only the product. Accessories do not add.

Fred 01 Mar 2023, 18:00

Can you please give me a link to a product page where I could see the issue?

Fred 02 Mar 2023, 18:01

Yes I see now.
But that’s some third party module, right? Because I don’t know such option in Prestashop.
And have you tested it out on Classic theme? I just need to be sure it works in Classic to find out where is the error comes from

Angelo Perna 06 Mar 2023, 12:00

Hi, yes i tried in classic theme and works fine.
Currently Classic Theme is activated.
https://prestashop.mam-srl.it/motocoltivatore-bcs-780hy-honda-gx-390-avv-manuale-p-5755.html Let me know

Fred 06 Mar 2023, 17:10

Ok, can I switch back to Alysum theme to check what’s wrong?

Angelo Perna 09 Mar 2023, 17:38

Hi, I switched back to Alysum. Let me know

Fred 09 Mar 2023, 18:15

Yes, I see.
Do you have a contact with that module developers? Maybe they could give us some suggestions or requirements of that module.

Angelo Perna 16 Mar 2023, 13:11

Hi, this is the URL of Addon in prestashop market.


I don’t know if there’s a way to contact the developers..
Let me know..

Fred 16 Mar 2023, 21:59

If you purchased that module there for a such high price the support must be available for you too.