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Ticket #24325 - Problem with Creative Element carousel thumbnails products


Prestashop version :

it’s very strange, the carousel of some products thumbnails works ex: https://www.loftattitude.com/bibliotheque/5221-bibliotheque-en-bois-de-manguier-ethnique-puro-4025621813378.html)
and others do not work (eg: https://www.loftattitude.com/chaise-de-bureau/5839-chaise-de-bureau-a-roulettes-bois-et-noir-patron-4025621796961.html)

Can you help me please ?



Fred 24 Feb 2023, 19:01

Hi, Rodolphe.
Try following CSS code

#product-images-cont .pk-ce-widget:not(.slick-initialized) {display: flex}
#product-images-cont .pk-ce-widget:not(.slick-initialized) > * {width:25%}
Rodolphe 27 Feb 2023, 16:11

thanks it’s better, but the carousel features are not ok.
No arrows for example, you can compare the 2 product pages in the previous message


Fred 27 Feb 2023, 16:53

That’s because you have there only 4 images, and there are nothing to scroll so the caroulsel is not activated

Rodolphe 28 Feb 2023, 14:39

ok thank you !

Fred 28 Feb 2023, 18:05

You are welcome!

Rodolphe 02 Mar 2023, 11:32


I noticed that the arrows were scrolling the photos in the wrong direction. Unable to view additional photos :


Fred 02 Mar 2023, 18:55

You need to have enabled this option https://take.ms/QWeZL

I think there is wrong translation, but need to check