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  • Open Date: 27.02.23, 10:19
  • Opened by: Thomas Ullrich

Ticket #24333 - Strange Cart Token above Header

Hi Fred,

good morning! Hope the sun is shining for you, wherever you are.

I spent the last four nights (more or less) at my PC figuring out a way to make our Prestashop installation faster as we have customer complaints. I therefore installed our Prestashop on a more powerful VPS 4 with a Cyberpanel Admin at Hostinger. This wa s a new experience for me, I had to work a lot with SSH.

I copied all files and data to the new vps installation, updated the store from to and Alysum theme from 8.0.0 to 8.1.3. The old (live) installation is still at musterheld.net. Backoffice musterheld.net/backroomhoney82. New installation is vps.musterheld.de, same backoffice at vps.musterheld.de/backroomhoney82.

The result in terms of speed is promising, GtMetrix result went up from F to B but I do have two problems to fix, which might be theme related.

If you open vps.musterheld.de, you will probably see (if it’s not my browser causing this effect) that there is a “5a94999a2612a019a1dbaf28783fe03e” in the first line of the page, above the header. I did not intend this and I don’t know where this is coming from. (See attached Screenshot.) If I google it, it seems to be a cart token from my own website. Do you have an idea where this is coming from? Debug mode does not help. It was existing before I updated both the shop to and the theme to 8.1.3. It occured after I moved the new server. Don’t think it is PHP related, as PHP is same as before - 7.4.

I would be greteful to get a hint from your side.

For the second issue I will open another ticket, as it occured after



Fred 27 Feb 2023, 18:10

Hi Thomas.
I don’t see it there https://take.ms/yNnjG0 have you managed to remove it?

Thomas Ullrich 27 Feb 2023, 19:30

I cannot tell by the screenshot but I guess you have openened musterheld.net. There is no problem with musterheld.net as it was not moved or updated. All the problems are with the new test server vps.musterheld.de. But I have to settle them in order to move to the new VPS server.

If I open http://vps.musterheld.de, I do still have the same problem which you see in the attachment. It is the same on my smartphone and notebook.


Fred 27 Feb 2023, 22:08

as I can se in the page source code, that’s not a part of the theme → https://take.ms/X2rlW

links like it’s added on your side.
Do you have this issue on both instances?

Thomas Ullrich 28 Feb 2023, 00:22

No, only on the new instance vps.musterheld.de - not in the old one musterheld.net. And it was only copied. But wait - maybe it’s not happening again. I am setting up the final server tonight and maybe we are lucky. I am currently busy copying the whole instance another time.

Will let you know tomorrow.

Fred 28 Feb 2023, 19:25

Ok, let me know the result