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Ticket #24341 - The CART does not work on mobile devices

I bought your Alysum template. The Cart does not work on mobile devices. Everything works on the desktop. On the smartphone, I click Add to the basket and the product is not displayed in the cart. The Cart is empty.
Shop url: https://vepso.shop Prestashop version: 8.0.0


Fred 27 Feb 2023, 18:53

Hi, Magdalena.
We already know about this issue. We are in contact with Prestashop developers to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
The only solution for now is to disable AMP module

Magdalena Strawinska 27 Feb 2023, 19:19

I understand, please let me know when you get a message from PrestaShop. Because without it I can’t start with my store, and that’s why I bought this template. Thank you for your answer :)

Fred 27 Feb 2023, 19:20

Yes, of course. That’s major problem and it has highest priority

Fred 20 Mar 2023, 23:53

Hi, Magdalena.
Here is the fixed file. Put it into the folder



ajaxCart.php (12.9 KiB)
Magdalena Strawinska 21 Mar 2023, 16:41

Hi Fred,
Thank you! but unfortunately the fix didn’t solve the problem… :(

Fred 21 Mar 2023, 19:03

Let me try to do that.
Please fill out all necessary fields in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/myprofile to access to your Back-office and FTP Server

Magdalena Strawinska 21 Mar 2023, 21:08

Fred, added to profile :)

Fred 21 Mar 2023, 22:13

It should be fixed now

Magdalena Strawinska 21 Mar 2023, 22:17

Fred, added to profile :)

Magdalena Strawinska 21 Mar 2023, 22:17

thank you, but I turned off the mobile view on purpose because I don’t like it. Can you restore these settings and fix the shopping cart?

Fred 21 Mar 2023, 22:20

The shopping cart is fixed. To disable AMP, go to AMP settings and switch off the option

Magdalena Strawinska 21 Mar 2023, 22:23

I turned off this mobile view, but the cart still doesn’t work. Are you able to fix the cart without enabling AMP Mobile?

Magdalena Strawinska 21 Mar 2023, 22:25

unfortunately, it still does not work after clicking “Add to cart” in the product card - screenshot in the attachment


vepsoshop1.png (165.2 KiB)
Fred 21 Mar 2023, 22:28

I just checked it out on my phone and everything works fine for me - https://take.ms/Z1WBL

Magdalena Strawinska 21 Mar 2023, 22:34

ohh sorry, now it works, thank you do much! :)

Fred 21 Mar 2023, 22:35

No problem. You are welcome