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  • Open Date: 01.03.23, 20:23
  • Opened by: LS Dev

Ticket #24358 - Product page ERROR JS ! Not loading

Hi, Prestashop, on product page i have error JS, can’t load comment and other problem :


Can you help me ?



Fred 01 Mar 2023, 22:01

Please fill out all necessary fields in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/myprofile to access to your Back-office and FTP Server

LS Dev 04 Mar 2023, 19:37

Hi, done i update !

Lot of problem : https://web2.fulviomotosport.fr/accueil/1-test.html Error JS !

Same on home page, when popup newsletter i get error JS cookies is not function in console

Thanks for your help

Fred 04 Mar 2023, 23:08

Hi, LS Dev.
Please check it out now. It should be fixed

LS Dev 04 Mar 2023, 23:16

For cookie it’s ok popup

But same problem on page : https://web2.fulviomotosport.fr/accueil/1-test.html

Can you say me your fix :) ?

Fred 05 Mar 2023, 20:41

Strange issue. Did you make some specific configuration? I can’t reproduce the error neither locally not on demo server.

LS Dev 07 Mar 2023, 14:25

No, Prestashop 8.0.1, only install theme + ETS plugin for Speed & SEO that all

And i got lot of error, you have full access at my website say me if you need more informations

Fred 07 Mar 2023, 19:11

Please test it out now, it should be fixed

LS Dev 20 Mar 2023, 16:35

Perfect :) thanks can you say me your fix ?

Fred 20 Mar 2023, 16:50

It was long time ago I don’t even remember