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Ticket #24369 - Dropdown menu does not unfold on Smartphone

Hi Fred,

it’s me again.

Most of it works now. Please see yourself on shop.musterheld.de - this is live now. I moved to the Hostinger VPS. I am quite happy with the result.

Here is hopefully my last issue for a while: Dropdown menu does not unfold on Smartphone. If you open https://shop.musterheld.de, please click on the menu. If you click on ‘women’ (btw: how can I make it ‘unclickable?) the dropdown menu should open. But it doesn’t. Or does it sometimes. Same applies to tablet size. If you open the page on your desktop, you see what the menu should look like.

I see there is a kind of link to the Litespeed cache. If I delete the cache, the dropdown opens. But only for a minute - until the cache is full again. Well, I don’t want to work without the litespeed cache.

I tried Hamburger, Akkordeon, all forms of dropdown menu. Always the same.

Do you know how to make this work?



Thomas Ullrich 04 Mar 2023, 09:32

I switched Off Smarty Cache. Seems to be solved.

Fred 04 Mar 2023, 10:41

I think most of problems you have caused by Litespeed. We also tried it some time ago but get too much problems and decided to remove it.
Currently we have basic ubuntu setup with php 8 and recommended by Prestashop configuration and everything works pretty fast and stable

Thomas Ullrich 04 Mar 2023, 15:57

Hmm, okay. But everything apart from the header works fine. I hesitate to do the whole work again. It should work with Litespeed, don’t you think so?
There are two effects, which is see meanwhile:

1. Sometimes the dropdown does not unfold, instead the top navigation content opens. Maybe this can be ‘healed’ in making the top navigation ‘unclickable’. How do I do this?
2. Sometimes the header disappears completely (on desktop version). It comes back when I delete the litespeed cache content. How can this happen?


Fred 04 Mar 2023, 23:27

We have tried to make our prestashop instance work correctly on Litespeed, unfortunately we didn’t manage to do that, so I have nothing to advice you, sorry