Ticket #24404 - Add letters intread numbers on price products

On price of the product I need to be able to add letters instead of numbers. I need to add PRET LA CERERE mean in english Price on demand.


Fred 12 Mar 2023, 22:12

Please check put your previous ticket, I wrote the answer there

Ovidiu Lucian Matei 13 Mar 2023, 17:48

This is the place were I have to add letters instead numbers


IMG_6512 2.jpg (570.4 KiB)
Fred 13 Mar 2023, 17:50

There are three numbers, which one you need to replace with a text?

Ovidiu Lucian Matei 13 Mar 2023, 17:57

The value of the price, instead numbers with letters, or both numbers and letters


Fred 13 Mar 2023, 20:23

Still not clear for me what to change. Please check out the link https://take.ms/3FBPNZ is that correct?

Ovidiu Lucian Matei 15 Mar 2023, 12:26

Hi dear. Attached is the area of the price numbers were I need to have option to add also letters not only numbers


IMG_6590.jpg (610.7 KiB)
Fred 15 Mar 2023, 17:28

Open the file


Here is the regular price if you want to change

<span class="regular-price">{$product.regular_price}</span>

and here is discount price

<span class="normal-price" itemprop="price" content="{$product.price_amount}">{$product.price}</span>

Just adjust it as you need