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Ticket #24409 - Product image thumbnails bug

In Grid mode, when you switch colours the thumbnails disappears and you need to refresh page to get it back, but is once switched the colour it disappears again and you need to refresh once again - https://people-fashion.dk/tunikaer/1690-4003-rummelig-tunika-med-laengdeforskel.html#/1-storrelse-s/774-farve-b_baby_bla

In Carousel mode it doesn’t loads carousel but puts all photos below the default photos.



Fred 13 Mar 2023, 17:46

Hi, Vidmantas Dapkus.
The solution is a bit weird but please try.
Go to Theme Settings → Product Page, Select Default layout and Save. Then find thumbnails option, enable and save. Then switch back to your product page template

Vidmantas Dapkus 14 Mar 2023, 08:40

It was enabled https://prnt.sc/Yx_UrzTON7NL When I switch to Default layout it shows thumbs on the right to main image https://prnt.sc/JPC6CEzw3EKX and when you change colours the thumbs stays visible.

But when I switch the layout back to Elementor (SPFS-product) the thumbs goes beneath the main image https://prnt.sc/yIUdH6ClEvTB and when you switch the colour the thumbs disappears and you need to reload the page to see it.

Fred 14 Mar 2023, 19:17

Please check it out now.
Updated file is

Vidmantas Dapkus 15 Mar 2023, 08:58

When you switch to Carousel Mode when you change colours the additional images loads below main photo https://people-fashion.dk/horkjoler-til-kvinder/1498-2256-horkjole-i-a-facon.html#/2-storrelse-m/535-farve-g_orange_173 (as mentioned above).

Thumbnails Axis - not working. The thumbnails are loaded horizontally.

Fred 17 Mar 2023, 19:10

Please check it out now, it should be fixed

Vidmantas Dapkus 25 May 2023, 09:40


Vidmantas Dapkus 25 May 2023, 10:04

Sorry, after updated the Theme the problem is back.

Fred 25 May 2023, 18:23

Strange, that had to be fixed in the last theme version. Need to check that out…

Fred 25 May 2023, 18:59

The issue has been fixed. Please test to confirm the change
Here is a backup file

Vidmantas Dapkus 25 May 2023, 19:53

now the all product pages carched!

Whoops, looks like something went wrong.
(1/1) ContextErrorException
Notice: Undefined index: ratingValue

in e40fc831820dabd713d0c9879a0ce0e201007ab9_2.file.product-jsonld.tpl.php line 83

Vidmantas Dapkus 25 May 2023, 19:55

it was left in Debuge mode

Vidmantas Dapkus 25 May 2023, 20:24

Now I switched the Product image thumbnails to vertical axis and made some custom css as the grid is not working correctly but the problem is the same as with horizontal axis - when you open the product page the initial thumbnails is located in horizontal axis and only after you refresh the page the thumbs moves to vertical position.

Fred 26 May 2023, 21:41

The issue has been fixed.
All changes added into the theme for the next update