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  • Open Date: 14.03.23, 15:07
  • Opened by: Thomas Ullrich
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Ticket #24414 - Product images widget does not work

Hi there,
dear Fred,

our product images widegst does not really work out. If I choose the ‘vertical thumbnails’, the result looks like this (example):


Do you have an idea why?



Fred 14 Mar 2023, 17:33

Hi Thomas.
Do you see this → https://take.ms/KOw6i? I never seen such issue before

Thomas Ullrich 14 Mar 2023, 20:39

No, I did not see this. When did this happen? On which page?

Fred 15 Mar 2023, 18:57

I just opened provided link. But now it works correctly for me.
Working on a fix…

Fred 15 Mar 2023, 19:38

Yes I see the problem. Working on a fix

Fred 16 Mar 2023, 22:14

The page is not working for me https://shop.musterheld.de are you performing some works there?

Thomas Ullrich 16 Mar 2023, 23:47

Yes, I had a little problem with our litespeed license. This is solved, however. It is working now.
I had to restore a backup of yesterday morning (March 15 09:00) however, so all changes since yesterday morning are gone.

Fred 18 Mar 2023, 22:04

I don’t have permissions to edit files here /public_html/modules/pkelements/

Thomas Ullrich 19 Mar 2023, 16:47

I changed permissions for /public_html/modules/pkelements/ to 777 recursively.

Fred 19 Mar 2023, 18:15

When I’m trying to upload a file I see the following message → https://take.ms/amFwm

Thomas Ullrich 20 Mar 2023, 01:17

I changed permissions for /public_html/modules/pkelements/ to 777 recursively.

Thomas Ullrich 20 Mar 2023, 01:18

Wait, this is a new server,let me check FTP credentials.

Thomas Ullrich 20 Mar 2023, 01:45

FTP credentials are correct. It was a lack of space. It’s solved, you can continue. It should work now.

Fred 20 Mar 2023, 17:09

Please test it out now, it should work correctly

Fred 20 Mar 2023, 18:30

I see it like this https://take.ms/nRSFe

Thomas Ullrich 20 Mar 2023, 23:13

I do see your view on my notebook and on firefox. My chrome browser on my pc and on my smartphone only shows me the main pic. Strange.

Thomas Ullrich 20 Mar 2023, 23:40

And some of the detail pics are much too small, e.g. here

Nevermind. I will run an app to regenerate all pictures, will take all night…

Fred 21 Mar 2023, 19:56

Here is a screenshot taken on notebook in Firefox → https://take.ms/uoFkO

I’m not sure you need to regenerate images