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Ticket #24415 - Guest order page displayed incorrectly.


I have such a problem that I am testing the site and there is an error with the guest order. It only applies there. When I log into my account, it’s perfectly fine. The error: during payment, if I don’t log in to my account, I want to place the order as a guest customer, I finish the order, a window appears saying thank you for the order… this window is displayed incorrectly as shown in the attached image (Error1.jpg ). It’s like no template works. If I refresh the page, it appears right away (Good1.jpg). I’ve already tried everything:

- Cache disabled
- I turned off the header, home page, footer
- I turned off the amp
- I tried not to have creative elements on this page
- Css cache disabled, Javascript smart cache disabled, Apache opt disabled
- I also removed the customer CSS - etc.

I just don’t know what the problem could be.
I’ve already stripped it completely.

If I look at it in the firefox page inspector, the two codes are completely different.
(Error2.jpg, Good2.jpg) For one, e.g.: at body “data-elementor-device-mode=”desktop”, for the other, at the template line “template id=mobile-header-template”

When debugging Prestashop, the error shown in the attached image is displayed (Error3.jpg, Error4.jpg). I am attaching the generated php files.

I repeat, as soon as I refresh the page, it immediately appears correctly.



Error1.jpg (108.4 KiB)
Error2.jpg (250.5 KiB)
Error3.jpg (1.17 MiB)
Error4.jpg (1.3 MiB)
Good1.jpg (163.2 KiB)
Good2.jpg (294.6 KiB)


Fred 14 Mar 2023, 17:28

Hi, Nyeső Csabáné.
Please fill out all necessary fields in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/myprofile to access to your Back-office and FTP Server

Nyeső Csabáné 15 Mar 2023, 08:21

Hi! I filled in the data. Thanks!

Fred 15 Mar 2023, 17:44

I’m not able to connect to your FTP

Response: 	331 Password required for alysum
Command: 	PASS ************
Response: 	530 Login incorrect.
Error:         	Critical error: Could not connect to server

Please upload attached file to



Nyeső Csabáné 15 Mar 2023, 18:21

Sorry! I typed the username wrong. I corrected. I will copy the file then.

Fred 15 Mar 2023, 18:23

Ok, let me know the result

Nyeső Csabáné 15 Mar 2023, 18:59

Thank you very much! It works nicely. :)

Fred 15 Mar 2023, 19:17

You are welcome!