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  • Open Date: 16.03.23, 09:13
  • Opened by: Nicola
  • Closed by: Fred
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Ticket #24420 - Add filter to the category column

Hi, how can i add the column of filters inside category or subcategory pages? For example size, color etc…. To make the research quicker. I checked PS module and is already activated and set, but is not displayed. Thanks


Fred 16 Mar 2023, 22:02

Please make sure the module Faceted Search is geeked into Left Column hook. Or try to reset it

Nicola 17 Mar 2023, 08:39

Yes i checked and is on the left column hook. I tried also to reset it but nothing changed. Any suggestions?

Fred 22 Mar 2023, 22:13

I see you have a lot of different configurations in the Faceted Search module so it’s hard for me to understand what’s wrong there.
But I can say that in 99% cases it’s because of module configuration.

Nicola 23 Mar 2023, 09:48

Yes i checked, was a problem of settings inside the module, now it works. I have another question: now filters are displayed but collapsed. To make them expanded when the page is opened, is a problem to settings or css? In attachment the picture


Immagine.jpg (188.7 KiB)
Fred 23 Mar 2023, 19:59

Where I can see the filter? Please give me a link

Nicola 24 Mar 2023, 09:57
Fred 24 Mar 2023, 17:41

Go to Theme Settings → Category page and disable Collapsed Filter there

Nicola 24 Mar 2023, 17:49

Many thanks it works, you can close the ticket