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Ticket #24427 - AMP errors

APM version has problems
please help me fix them

1.Home page. Google console issued a warning about critical errors on the main page. This page will not be indexed. We need to understand and eliminate all errors that affect indexing. (screen 1-2)


1.jpg (92.9 KiB)
2.jpg (431 KiB)


Alex 19 Mar 2023, 19:57

2. Search. The search works absolutely wrong, incorrectly and unpredictably.
An example is given for the russian version of the site for the word “flowers”.
When you enter, the phrase “No products found” appears, then (very long 40-70 seconds) gives out a group of products that may or may not match the search word. And when you click on the button at the bottom “Search result page” redirects to a page that in 90% of cases does not match the search query at all. The console also constantly indicates a number of errors.
To check the performance, you can search in the same way as we do “цветы” and look at the results and errors.
screenshots 3-6
Returning from the old search leads to a white field or gives an error. But it does not return to the page from which the product search was requested.


3.jpg (309.5 KiB)
4.jpg (392.5 KiB)
5.jpg (259.9 KiB)
6.jpg (222.8 KiB)
Alex 19 Mar 2023, 20:17

3.Add to cart.
When you click on the “add to cart” button on the product page, it displays the inscription “Unable to Add to cart” and the console shows errors, including “error 500”. The product is not added to the cart. Screenshots 7-8.
If this page is reloaded, the product appears in the basket and the error message disappears. Screenshots 9-10.


7.jpg (300.4 KiB)
8.jpg (370.6 KiB)
9.jpg (337.6 KiB)
10.jpg (376.6 KiB)
Fred 20 Mar 2023, 17:17

Please try now, it should be ok

Alex 21 Mar 2023, 13:18

Yes, the cart is already working properly. But points 1 and 2 from the ticket have not been fixed yet (Home page Google console and search)