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  • Open Date: 20.03.23, 20:13
  • Opened by: Dagmara
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Ticket #24432 - main menu on tablet

Something is wrong with main menu on tablets.
In the horizontal view on the tablet, the menu is displayed as on the desktop, and when I turn the device vertically, the dropdown menu appears. Everything is ok until I expand the dropdown menu in vertical view and then close it. If I rotate the device to landscape view after closing the dropdown menu, then in landscape view the standard menu is no longer visible. I have to refresh the page to see the menu again. I tried with different default templates - all the time the same situation.
When I turn the device without opening the dropdown menu, it displays correctly in each position. The problem only occurs when in portrait view I expand the menu and then close it.
Issue checked on iPad.


Fred 21 Mar 2023, 20:38

Hi, Dagmara.
Can you please take a screenshot of expanded menu in vertical view?

Fred 25 Mar 2023, 22:21

Sorry for the delay.
We keep working to find a solution.

Fred 26 Mar 2023, 19:21

Could you consider updating the theme?
The latest version of the theme includes a “mobile header” option which allows for the creation of a simple header for mobile devices. This could be a potential solution to the problem

Dagmara 28 Mar 2023, 20:35

Updating the template solved the above problem, but unfortunately now other issues appeared:

1. language and currency widgets are inactive - I can’t change the language or currency on the tablet and on the phone (only on desktop works),

2. the header items widget does not display icons at all

3. add to favorites in sidebar - after adding products to favorites, I have to refresh the page so that the products are displayed correctly on the list - before refreshing the page, product is displayed one below the other across the entire width of the sidebar and does not display the number of products in the counter

4. widget sign-in doesn’t display GDPR and reCaptcha as in header items widget

Dagmara 29 Mar 2023, 13:19

5. Mobile Header Template - set as use mobile-header.tpl (not default header template)
When I’m using this option in a vertical position, dropdown on the tablet does not work at all. I can’t use any widgets that have a dropdown option, not even basic widgets made by creative elements. In the landscape layout, the tablet displays the same view as for the desktop and here it looks like it’s ok. Everything works fine on the phone as well.

this is getting frustrating already

Fred 29 Mar 2023, 23:09

1. Strange issue. It may be some kind of script conflict with the Pro version of CE. Because we don’t have such problem locally. Need more time for investigation
2. Header items module (and widget as well) is outdated and was removed from the theme. We recommend to use special header widgets now. But icons have to be fixed now
The rest is In progress…

Dagmara 01 Apr 2023, 16:25

6. Shopping cart widget
when I add a product to the cart, the counter does not update on a regular basis, I have to refresh the page. It doesn’t work in saved templates, in displayHeaderBuilder and in Theme Builder from CE - it doesn’t work anywhere.

I can add 10 products via add to cart and they are all visible in the cart, but the counter is updated only after refreshing the page. If I already have at least one product in the cart and the counter is visible after refreshing the page, then each subsequent product added to the cart updates the counter on a regular basis.

7. AMP module
after upgrade, the module cannot be disabled and uninstalled. After trying to uninstall the module in theme setting it shows problems with hook. The updated module is disabled via FTP, this current module is before the template upgrade.

Fred 01 Apr 2023, 20:46

7. yes, it can be disabled in this way too. This issue has been fixed and will be available in the next update

Fred 04 Apr 2023, 21:09

6. It seems to be fixed now

Dagmara 12 Apr 2023, 00:19

1. Checked once again:
mobile (android) ok
tablet (android and ipad) - widgets are inactive

2. ok, but seems to be working yet

6,7 ok, thanks

5. Checked also on tablet (android) - in this case, the header takes a long time to load, but it seems that only on the homepage, I have to move the page down, only when I scroll up the page, the header is displayed, it doesn’t matter if I refresh the page or just turn the monitor. No such problem on the iPad.

I found another one issues:
8. Widget crossselling - doesn’t display products at all, but I’m not sure how it should work, which products it should display
9. widget vieved products - display product but in wrong way, each product is displayed across the entire width of the page, one below the other

Fred 12 Apr 2023, 21:14

8. Please make sure you have added cross-selling products for a product. We never had any problems with that module
9. Everything looks fine for me → https://take.ms/sPR1I how to reproduce the issue?

Dagmara 13 Apr 2023, 09:45

8. cross-seeling widget working fine with nativ theme layout, problem is with page builder, please check below link:

9. You saw widgets from CE, please check above link.
I turned on the widgets, so you can see the difference.

Yesterday CE upgraded my module to the latest version and now there is a problem with all promokit widgets that use carousel. I have already reported it to them and am waiting for a response, but the viewed product widget before the upgrade was displayed exactly the same way as now.
For some reason, when I use the CE widget to insert a module, the cross-selling module is displayed without a problem. I have enabled widgets with description on the product page.

Could you please check if there is any conflict in carousel between your widgets and widgets from CE - I don’t know anything about it.
Is there any chance that you will update the CE module that you provide with the template? They made quite a leap (especially in the new options and widgets) from version 2.5 to 2.9 and I think that when upgrading to CE Pro, using your template and module at the same time may be difficult.

Fred 15 Apr 2023, 11:53

8. The problem that carousel is not initiated, right?
9. yes, we already noticed compatibility problem with the latest CE version. Please let me know if you will get any suggestion from CE developers

Dagmara 24 Apr 2023, 18:06

8. Yes, images instead of being displayed in the carousel view are displayed one below the other across the entire width of the screen
9. I have info from CE: “We’ve already gotten in touch with the developers of the Alysum theme to find a solution for the Theme Builder issue, we hope they’ll be able to work on these features!”

Additionally the way icons are displayed in the CE configuration panel has been changed. It seems that they now use eicon instead of font awesome, and besides, font awesome 6 is now available instead of font awesome 4. I tried renaming the icons in the php files (pkelements) but the icon library in version 6 is completely different.

10. I also have a problem with the cache. I turned on the super speed module on the website and when I turn on the page cache option, there is a problem with the counter in the widgets: shopping cart, favorites and watchlist.
shopping cart - even if I remove a product from the cart on one of the subpages, after moving to another subpage, the counter will still display the number of products before they were removed from the cart (cart is empty)
add to favourits - the situation is exactly the same as in the case of shopping cart
watchlist - does not display the viewed products in the sidebar at all and the counter is always set to 0.
There is an option in the super speed module to exclude some modules
- shopping cart widget is not a module
- promokit widgets - when I exclude this module, the widgets stop working completely, the sidebar is not displayed and the search widget also stops working.
Could you check it, please.

Fred 24 Apr 2023, 19:03

8. We currently working on this issue, and it’s related not only to cross-selling, but every carousel on product page. I’ll keep you in touch when the update will be ready.

Fred 25 Apr 2023, 20:21

9. I can’t find any emails regarding the issue with carousels in the latest CE version. That would be very helpful if developers provided suggestions how to make it work
10. As for the Super speed module it’s hard to advise anything to you. Do you have any suggestions from module developers?

Dagmara 29 Apr 2023, 15:05

9. I informed them twice that any hints from them would be very helpful, but they didn’t write me anything specific, apart from what I mentioned earlier that they were contacting you about this.

10. I will be contacting the developer of the module about this.

11. I also found a problem with the terms of service in the modal popup during checkout. The popup cannot be closed because the close button is inactive. It happens on desktop and mobile. For some reason it works on the iPad. Checked with classic theme. Could you check it please.

Dagmara 29 Apr 2023, 15:20

11. With classic theme is ok, problem is with alysum.

Fred 30 Apr 2023, 22:12

9. The problem for us is that they do not reply to us at all.
11. Try following CSS fix:

.modal .close {