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Ticket #24449 - Problem Promokit Product Tabs in product edit


I have created a tab in the module settings. I would like to customize this tab in a single product, so I go to the product page and then to the “modules” tab, I click on “promokit Product Tabs”, however nothing is displayed, can you please help me?


Screenshot.png (42.2 KiB)


Fred 23 Mar 2023, 19:26

Hi, Anne Roinat-Murry.
In the module settings the “tab” was not enabled for all Manufacturers. Please try now, it should be working

Anne Roinat-Murry 28 Mar 2023, 09:49

Hi Fred,

Sorry, I didn’t pay attention, it works. Thank you very much.

Fred 28 Mar 2023, 10:18

no problem