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Ticket #24453 - Website loading really slow


I would really appreciate your support on this issue - website is loading and working really slow.
When we work on adding new products or making any changes - it starts to slow down.

I’ve checked all server settings and even activated memcache to make website load faster - but it didnt help.

Can you please guide me how to speed it up? Are the themes and plugins slowing it down?

Here is link to the website: https://keramikasanitarije.rs

Thank you in advance.


Fred 24 Mar 2023, 17:04

Hi, Alhemitzar Studio.
Our demo server https://alysum.promokit.eu/en/ configured accordingly official documentation, and as you can see everything works pretty fast.

Read more about configuration in the Performance section of documentation https://alysum.promokit.eu/promokit/documentation/#performance

Alhemitzar Studio 24 Mar 2023, 17:43

Hi Fred,

Thank you for your support. I did everything as its suggested on the links and it seems that it works.
Thank you.

Fred 24 Mar 2023, 17:45

Great! You are welcome