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  • Open Date: 25.03.23, 13:11
  • Opened by: bang dai
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Ticket #24457 - Slider revolution not working after upload to production (button do nothing)


First of all, slider revolution works well on local dev.
After uploading to production server (debian 11/ PHP7.4), prestashop works well but not this module.
I fixed redirection issue to install ssl certificate, but now, the module is just like freeze.
I click on different button, because I would like to import from local, but no button work and no error in console.

Please can you help me?
My workdir right seems to be ok, because front and back work well except this module.

See screenshot below



Fred 25 Mar 2023, 13:47

Hi, bang dai.
Did you try to reset the module?

bang dai 25 Mar 2023, 14:20

hi, yes i tried to reinit, or reinstall.
same issue.

bang dai 25 Mar 2023, 14:25

I think it’s a js issue. because something is missing in this page.
All the following data in the same page are not loaded.
But I don’t know why

bang dai 25 Mar 2023, 14:36

I precise, my version of alysum is 7.5.0

Fred 25 Mar 2023, 15:19

Please update credentials in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/myprofile to access to your Back-office and FTP Server

bang dai 25 Mar 2023, 15:30

Hi Fred, chat do you mean? I just go to my profile and don’t see any form to complete with my backoffice info.

My local version works well and I import all files directly in the server with same database.
The only issue I have is about “Slider revolution” module and of course “Creative Elements” is buggy because I use Slider inside.
When I try to go to edit homepage via “Creative Elements” I have this erreur (see attach file). And preview debug give me just the header, menu and footer.

The only difference is about the HTTPS.
I’m using cloudflare + a self signed certificate for https.


bang dai 25 Mar 2023, 16:24

Ok I resolve my problem. This is the explanation:

Slider revolution call external api and this call was blocked by “cloudflare dns”. ⇒ timeout. That’s why the following of my page can’t load.

But the real issue is in the module. I start to read the code in this module and code sucks.
Now we have a cross-origin frame error that loop :
Uncaught DOMException: Blocked a frame with origin “xxx” from accessing a cross-origin frame.
Developper adapt this module from WP to Prestashop.
PHP developper seriously, use a design pattern to deal with this problem and don’t comment code.

Fred 25 Mar 2023, 18:40

Thank you for your research. We are aware of the issue with the code quality. Unfortunately, there is only one Revolution slider available on the market. However, we can report the problem you found to the module developers https://classydevs.com/slider-revolution-prestashop/