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  • Open Date: 26.03.23, 15:06
  • Opened by: Alex
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Ticket #24460 - problems with parent categories

Started setting up “Promokit Extended Settings” and found a very serious problem. (I’ll note right away that it has nothing to do with Promokit Extended Settings)
The problem is the following.
Categories are arranged in this way: home-category-subcategory-subsubcategory.
We can set the order of displaying products on the site ( auto - by relevance ) in the category itself by moving the product to the position where we want to see it.
But - this rule does not work if the category has a parent category.
Here is an example from categories that are parent - category id137-subcategory id436-subsubcategory id442.
If you swap the products in the id442 subcategory, then without any problems you will see the same order of products that you set in the admin panel.
But if you swap products in category 137 or in subcategory 436, you cannot control their display order on the site.

What is this problem and how to fix it, we do not understand.
Moreover, we specifically added one product to the parent ID43 category - since it is the only one, it must have appeared in the 1st place in the category on the site. But it’s not - it appeared on the 3rd page.

Help to understand the problem. Unfortunately, I must add that this problem has never occurred on another template and we simply have no idea what the error could be.

Solving this problem is very important. And the reason is not that we will not be able to use your “Promokit Extended Settings” - it is impossible to use it, since we have absolutely no control over the order in which products are displayed on ANY parent category. The most important thing is that without solving the problem, we cannot assign the value of “several categories” to products, i.e. duplicate the same product in several categories, for greater search coverage and advertising.
In fact, we check the box for the product so that it appears in several categories, but we cannot change its order in the parent category and all visual effects from advertising or search will be reduced to zero.
We look forward to you helping us resolve this issue.


Fred 27 Mar 2023, 20:23

Hi Alex.
I’m not sure that’s theme’s issue.
I would like to ask you to check out how Classic theme works. You can even install a test prestashop instance for this purpose.