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  • Open Date: 29.03.23, 19:18
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Ticket #24480 - Amp problems filter + navigation

When a customer enters a category, then goes to a product, and then comes back, he must go to the place from which he went to the product. And this happens if he selects a product from 1 to 24 (product on the 1st page). But when he goes to product 25 and further (it doesn’t matter from endless scrolling or loading more), then the client returns not to the place where the product is located - but to the first positions of the 1st page.
There is also a bug when using a filter. If the client has selected one of the filters and it has been applied, then after moving on (using bus-endless scrolling or load more), the filtering is not applied and all products go without filters set by the client.
Both of these errors lead to the fact that if a category has more than one page of products, viewing such a category becomes uncomfortable for the client and he constantly returning to the 1st product eventually leaves the site.
How to fix these problems?


Fred 30 Mar 2023, 22:23

I would not say that’s a bug. That’s rather a lack of this feature. For now AMP just doesn’t work in this way, and we can only add this feature to our TODO

Alex 01 Apr 2023, 17:53

I don’t quite understand your answer.
You write “I would not say that’s a bug.” Do you think that a client entering a category of 100 products when viewing the 35th product automatically flies to the 1st and is forced to look at the list again and will remain on the site?
I think he will leave the site in a minute, after 1-2 attempts to view the goods.
You write “That’s rather a lack of this feature. For now AMP just doesn’t work in this way, and we can only add this feature to our TODO”.
Does this mean that you will solve this error yourself? Or contacting an AMP developer? And how do we know about the progress of this issue?

Fred 03 Apr 2023, 20:21

We are AMP module developers.
Yes, I have added it to our TODO, but I can’t give you any estimations when we will be able to add this feature.

Alex 30 Apr 2023, 15:32

How quickly do you plan to fix this problem?
How can we know that the issue has been resolved? Will you write in this ticket?

Fred 02 May 2023, 19:08

We are going to add this functionality as soon as we will have time for that, sorry it’s that’s not satisfying answer for you.
Yes, I can write here, in this ticket