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Ticket #24487 - Bug on Promokit Size Guide


I contact you as Promokit Size Guide has a bug: the last size guide saved on admin panel is the one shown on every product, regardless of what is actually selected on the product page.

Here the steps to reproduce the bug:

  1. Step 1: The correct Size Guide is associated in the product page. I click on Save.
  1. Step 2: On frontend, on product page, it shows the correct Size Guide.
  1. Step 3: Now on frontend if I open the Size Guide of another product, for example a shirt, it shows the Man’s size guide (so not correct), even if on admin panel the correct size guide (shirts) is correctly associated.
  1. Step 4: But now if on the Shirt page I save settings, the shirt size guide is shown on both products.

This happens with every product and every category.
Plugin is updated to latest version.

Please I need an answer ASAP as my client’s website is online and this is a big issue for them.




Fred 01 Apr 2023, 21:52

Hi, Bianca Schiattone.
Sorry for the delay.
I’m not able to connect to your server via FTP to try to fix the issue. Could you please check that?

Bianca Schiattone 14 Apr 2023, 15:23


The FTP login is correct, please provide me your IP address so that I can add you to our whitelist


Fred 14 Apr 2023, 20:53

My IP is:

Fred 14 Apr 2023, 20:56

Please also give me two links where the size guide is different

Bianca Schiattone 17 Apr 2023, 10:30


We added your IP to the whitelist, try now pelase.
These products all must have different size guides:
- https://iberjeans.com/donna/jeans/malena-klg02-s.html#/42-taglia-40/123-colore-grigio (Woman pants size guide)
- https://iberjeans.com/donna/maglie/atelier-sp02s.html#/91-taglia-s/106-colore-blu (Shirt size guide)
- https://iberjeans.com/uomo/jeans/melman-kf.html#/46-taglia-48/78-colore-beige (Man pants size guide)


Fred 17 Apr 2023, 18:39

I just assigned a size guide for “man” product and see the correct guide there → https://take.ms/oEk5Y

let me know is I missed something