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Ticket #24505 - Having arrows to slide on product grids / product page on Alysum theme

Dear support,

I would like to know how to activate arrows on product grid / product page (like here : https://alysum.promokit.eu/delight/en/mobile/product/116-blouse#/1-size-s/11-color-black) instead of having images on hover.

Is it possible ? How can I do this on my website ?

Here for the product page : https://recette.webabyssal.fr/lcf/chemises-classiques/736-9181-popeline-coupe-droite.html#/213-taille-38/267-couleur-blanc Here for the product grid : https://recette.webabyssal.fr/lcf/chemises-classiques/736-9181-popeline-coupe-droite.html#/213-taille-38/267-couleur-blanc

Many thanks,


Fred 04 Apr 2023, 19:24

Hi, Daniel.
The first link is “mobile” (AMP) and it has its own styles. There are no such styles in the desktop pages.