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  • Open Date: 17.04.23, 10:59
  • Opened by: Jean Christophe
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Ticket #24555 - Creative licence unreachable

Firs I have a new licence but settings on template just ask to buy it again. I’m going mad actually !
If I install Creative Elements, theme’s premade blocks are lost.

I have already a creative elements licence but your template need I buy it again unstead of giving me the opportunity to give my licence number.

Please helm, we have bought two times Alysum and we’ll certainly buy it again but we absolutly need to work now and have or creativ elements licence working !
Warmest regards


Fred 17 Apr 2023, 12:41

Hi, Jean Christophe.
In our theme we are using this Creative Elements module https://pagebuilder.webshopworks.com

The only way they provide it for developers (like we are) is this “in-stock” version you currently have. In this way they earn more money if someone will decide he really need some “pro” features.
But. Everything that you can see in our demo pages was built using “in-stock” module version to not force our customers to purchase “Pro” module version.
Moreover, we have developed over 50 our own Creative Elements widgets special for our theme to have deep integration.
So, you don’t need to purchase anything additionally, unless you decide you need some “Pro” feature.

Jean Christophe 17 Apr 2023, 13:10

Yes I need Pro features and yours too. Please help :)

Fred 17 Apr 2023, 14:21

But how can I help?

Jean Christophe 17 Apr 2023, 14:33

I just wish I could fill in my license number instead of being taken to the page to buy the module since I already have it. Or place the folder of the complete addon without overwriting the custom blocks of your theme… Warmest regard,

Fred 17 Apr 2023, 15:16

But as I explained above, we don’t have any license key even for personal use.
Everything what you can see in our demo has been built using “in-stock” version and don’t require any licenses.

Jean Christophe 17 Apr 2023, 15:26

Yes I need Pro features AND yours too.

Fred 17 Apr 2023, 15:55

If you need Pro version you have to purchase the license

Jean Christophe 17 Apr 2023, 15:56

I already have one ! That’s why I ‘m making this ticket :)

Fred 17 Apr 2023, 17:36

But if you have a license, you have to contact module support. That’s not our module

Jean Christophe 18 Apr 2023, 08:50

I contacted their support of course and they tell me to place the folder of the pro module in place of yours, the problem is that I lose all the blocks developed for the theme by your team. All I ask is to be able to keep the integrity of the blocks of the theme while having the complete version of Elements. You propose to buy it; I just want to know which file for example I have to keep to continue using your blocks elements as well as the paying ones. Am I being unclear?

Fred 18 Apr 2023, 17:59

You are clear, thanks.
We never get reports of loosing templates after update.
But if you want you can export your templates, and import them back after module update.
Let me know if you have any further questions

Jean Christophe 19 Apr 2023, 08:41

What folder are these files in?
Can you tell me where I can fill in my license key for Elements Pro too ?
Thank you. With these two answers I can hope to get by
Warmest regard

Fred 19 Apr 2023, 17:47

All our templates are located in the folder


As for the license key, I really have no idea, but it should be in the module settings. That’s a question to module developers.

Jean Christophe 21 Apr 2023, 13:22

Yes I finally found that. But when all is good in admin I see that (screen) unstead og your beautifull icons in the header :(


canvas.png (16.2 KiB)
Fred 21 Apr 2023, 18:10

Where I can see that?

Jean Christophe 24 Apr 2023, 09:44

You can see that unstead of the header icons. A dev in my team says that’s because it’s the “wrong template that is called” in the front office. It’s the good one when I edit with elements. I say again that is because I have the full Elementor now. What can I do to have the good template called as I edit it in theme settings ? Don’t tell to choose it from the templates list. Preview in elementor is good, only public page the “wrong” one.

Jean Christophe 24 Apr 2023, 15:20

Are You sure that your theme is compatible with the latest version of Creative Elements ? That could explain the bug.

Fred 24 Apr 2023, 16:47

We don’t have the latest Creative Elements module to test it out. So, sorry, but I can’t be sure.

Jean Christophe 25 Apr 2023, 08:36

Then I invite you to test it because your theme leaves the option to buy it without warning that it will crash the template!

Fred 25 Apr 2023, 19:39

Please fill out all necessary fields in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/myprofile to access to your Back-office and FTP Server

Please also show me at a screenshot what exactly wrong there

Jean Christophe 26 Apr 2023, 15:38

Ok done ! All is filled. Thank you


screen.jpg (132.6 KiB)
Jean Christophe 27 Apr 2023, 09:34

(up with a screen)

Fred 27 Apr 2023, 19:34

Yes, I see. We will test it out as soon as possible. Sorry for the delay

Fred 27 Apr 2023, 21:09

Sorry, but I can’t find that problem. Everything looks fine for me https://take.ms/5unAu

Jean Christophe 28 Apr 2023, 09:09

As I said all is find on edit page. The problem is on the public page ! Please…

Fred 28 Apr 2023, 09:17

Could you please give me direct link? Because I don’t see the problem

Jean Christophe 28 Apr 2023, 09:25

You have to put your IP in the maintenance part. You will see the public side of the basket for example, and the favorites have disappeared. The products already seen have an icon because our dev looked a bit but the favorites are invisbles. There is a problem. Its track is to check your modules against the latest elementor version but we are not sure. In any case what we see in the preview no longer works online… https://v2.acrcouture.com/

Fred 28 Apr 2023, 09:32

Ok, I see now. Working on a solution…

Fred 28 Apr 2023, 21:38

I see now. You are using Favorites module in Header. But that’s not correct. We have special widget, please use it https://take.ms/D3r0Ue

Jean Christophe 02 May 2023, 08:45

Ok, it is ALREADY USED but nothing to see on public area. Please open the header in creative elements to see the problem.

Fred 02 May 2023, 08:53

As I can see you still have “Module” widget there

Jean Christophe 02 May 2023, 09:33

Ok I choose Favo in search area as your pict. Please put your “special” widget for me to understand… ?

Fred 02 May 2023, 10:21

I just added it for you https://take.ms/jvMT88

Jean Christophe 02 May 2023, 10:32

Ok I see this widget is seen when option is “link” not the other ones. Can you confirm I will not have bugs on other widgets like Layered Search for example?
Have you seen how Connect user and cart widgets are totally differents on public side ?
Menu is not appear too…

Fred 02 May 2023, 18:51

You are using mix of Creative Elements and our widgets.
Just enable one of our header template and you will get all elements working. Then modify it step by step as you need.

Jean Christophe 03 May 2023, 09:01

Yes of course, I choose Electronic Template ! And as you see, it’s like the path is not good, try to change, you’ll see header won’t.
Menu isn’t shown too…


canvas1.png (20.1 KiB)
canvas2.png (37.4 KiB)
canvas3.png (62.8 KiB)
Fred 03 May 2023, 11:07

You had selected template here → https://take.ms/qFyAF I have removed it now everything working fine

Jean Christophe 03 May 2023, 11:09

Yes Great ! Thank you !

Fred 03 May 2023, 11:11

You are welcome!